Nashville Sounds Game

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Well, it's been a couple of days. the no tv rule seems to have worked a bit and now they are limitied to how much cartoons they can watch. Let me tell you they have come up with some very creative things to play...their favorite right now is to act like doggies. Or to act out books or things of that nature...either way they are definetly being better right now.

august 8th is kindergarten registration and then school starts Aug 11th, connor is very excited, we are still working on learning to tie our shoes, he just doesn't have the patience to practice it more than 2 or 3 times at each attempt. I am not too worried about it he will get it soon.

This last saturday we went to the Nashville Sounds baseball game, the boys got free tickets for participating in the library summer reading program, so we only had to purchase our tickets, it was great fun and the boys were unbelievably well behaved. We actually got to stay for the whole game. And yes we won! 6-2 against the Portland Beavers. (it's minor league baseball, triple A) The boys each got a baseball cap with Ozzie on it (he is the team mascot) they also were able to get him to autograph it, they were excited about that. And after the game their was a big fireworks show. All in all it was fun day! something we will def try to do more of next summer depending on daddy's schedule. And def something we will do more of once Ryan retires in 3 years.

That is about it for now, I posted some pictures as well, so enjoy and i will write again soon!


No TV for 24hrs

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That is the newest rule for this household. I was getting Connor ready for Karate and he said he didn't want to go, actually threw a fit about it. When I asked him why, he said cause he would miss his TV shows. So I decided that we needed to take a break from TV. He has gone with Daddy now to let Sensei know that he doesn't want to come to Karate, I am hoping once he gets there he will change his mind once he sees the other kids, but if not he and daddy will be coming home and we will find other ways to entertain ourselves. We did go out shopping today and they were both very good so they got to pick out a 1.99 puzzle each and then we all picked out a new family board game. Chutes and Ladders....i believe those will be on the agenda tonight, but tomorrow will prove to be a different story. I told him there is plenty more he and his brother can do than just watch TV. So tomorrow i believe we are going to paint birdhouses and if the humidity isn't bad we will go outside to do some type of activity, like look for what kind of bugs we have around here and look them up to see what they are and what they do for the environment. He has gotten a sudden fear of spiders, so I want to try and make some things that may seem scary into something fun and good.

We are going through some not wanting to go to sleep issues, cause all he thinks of are scary things, so I also thought we could find some pictures of things and people he likes/loves and pring them out to make a collage for his room so he can see that at night or at nap time when he is going to sleep.

I think that we are going to limit the TV in their room to movies only in the future so that we can limit the amount of TV they are watching and be able to monitor what they can watch, at least for now.

I have posted the pictures I promised yesterday plus one of the boys playing with their playdough. Also if you can think of any other activities or projects that might be fun I am open to suggestions.

Till Later


Library Wednesday

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Well today was our last Library Wednesday and we had Snowbird show up to read to the kids. He is with News Channel 4 in Nashville Tennessee and is a penguin. He was quite funny and the kids enjoyed him, the boys once again picked out 3 books each to bring home which we will be reading over the next week. This Saturday is their first reward for participating, they got free tickets to go to the Nashville Sounds baseball game, so we are gonna go have a ball. LOL, then Monday night is the swimming party, which we will be going to after Connor's Karate class.

Speaking of Karate, Connor is doing very well, he has earned his first stripe on his belt a small black stripe around the end of his belt, once he accumulates enough he will be able to test for the next belt level which will be gold. (he is currently a white belt) He is still enjoying going and while daddy is still home it gives me some time to spend one on one with JJ. Which usually consists of playing with play dough which is his favorite at this time, I am sure it will change over time.

Ryan has about a week and a half left before he reports up to Owensboro, KY for his next assignment and his last, only 3 yrs left till retirement and we are so looking forward to it, but I have to say that having him around for this long is really starting to drive me nuts. (he has been on vacation since the beginning of July)

I haven't had much time to craft as the boys still haven't learned well to stay away from mom's sewing stuff, but they are getting better, I get to make my yoyo's and some of my stitchery and have a window curtain project i hope to get done before Ryan goes back to work. I do also have a few quilt things I would like to do, but that probably won't come into play till the boys go back to school.

That is about all I can think of at this time. I will post pictures soon of all the fun things the boys have gotten to do this summer.


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