Caoch Bag Giveaway!

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While out searching for fun giveaways I came upon this one. Now what Woman wouldn't want to own her very own Coach handbag?? Well then just visit this site and enter away! Good luck to everyone!!

I also have the button on my side bar!

It's Fall my Favorite time of year

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Hello all my faithful followers, I am sorry to have left for so long! I had decided it was time to take a break from the computer and that turned into a great long summer :) Now I am back and will do my best to keep everyone updated on what I am working on, share some of my favorite things and share little stories about my family.

Today I wanted to share some information about an illness that we don't hear a lot about with all the flu and H1N1 talk going around but is still out there. Recently my 6 yr old son was diagnosed with Mono. Now I didn't know much about Mono as I don't remember having it growing up, but the more I talked to people the more I realized i needed to do some research. Mono can effect people differently. For example Connor isn't tired, worn out or cranky, but he had the fever and extremely sore throat and nasty cough, I am very relieved that the doctor tested for Mono. He originally tested simply to rule it out and found out that was indeed what he had. Here is some informative information I found on

Mononucleosis (often called "mono") is an infection caused by the Epstein-Barr virus. Symptoms of mono include:
Sore throat
Swollen glands in your neck and armpits
Loss of appetite
Night sweats
Symptoms in young children are generally mild, while symptoms in adolescents and young adults tend to be more severe.

Mono is not spread as easily as some other viruses, such as the common cold. The mono virus is found in saliva and mucus. It is usually passed from one person to another through kissing, which is why it is often called the kissing disease. However, mono can also be passed through exposure to a cough, sneeze or through sharing food utensils (such as drinking glasses, spoons and forks) with someone who has mono. Signs of mono usually develop 4 to 6 weeks after you're exposed to the virus. Generally, people only get mono once. It's most common among people 15 to 35 years old.

Sometimes there can be complications. The main complication with mono is the enlargement of the spleen. The spleen is like a large gland. It's located in the upper part of your abdomen on the left side. It helps filter your blood. In severe cases of mono, the spleen can rupture (tear open).Although a ruptured spleen is rare in people who have mono, it's wise to be aware of the signs and call your doctor right away if you notice any of them. Signs of a ruptured spleen include sharp pain in the left upper part of your abdomen (under the left chest), feeling lightheaded, feeling confused, blurred vision and fainting.

There is no cure for mono.But the virus will go away on its own. Symptoms usually last about 4 weeks.

The main goal of treatment is to relieve your symptoms. The following list includes tips on treatment:
Rest. Sleep helps your body fight infection.
Drink plenty of fluids. They help prevent dehydration.
If you have a sore throat, gargle with salt water, or suck on throat lozenges, hard candy or flavored frozen desserts (such as Popsicles).
You may want to take acetaminophen (one brand name: Tylenol) or ibuprofen (some brand names: Advil, Motrin, Nuprin) to relieve pain and fever. Do not give aspirin to children. Aspirin should be avoided because it has been associated with a disease called Reye's syndrome in children. Reye's syndrome is a serious illness that can lead to death.

Avoid sports, physical activities or exercise of any kind until your doctor tells you it's safe. Moving around too much puts you at risk of rupturing your spleen, especially if it is enlarged. You need to avoid physical activities and contact sports for about 3 to 4 weeks after you've had mono.

So yeah it looks like a lot but this was a great summary and very informative. So please if you or your child has any symptoms make sure your doctor checks for Mono.

I will be sharing some projects I am working on later this week. I look forward to getting back in contact with all my great friends!!

Happy crafting and stay healthy and warm.

$5 Sale!

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Hello all my blogland friends, I am sorry to have neglected you for so long! Today's post won't be long as i am working on some new items and want to get them finished before posting about them. I did want to let everyone know that I am having a sale in my Etsy shop. I have a $5 Dollar Earring section now, almost all my earrings are now discounted to $5. Prices have already been reduced, so hop on over and take advantage of my earring liquidation!!

Also don't forget to sign up for the mystery give away, i have already added more items. I may post a sneak peak at some of the things you might see in the package. The more entries I get the more items i am going to add, so spread the word!! Tweet it, blog it, email it, doesn't matter to me. Let's just get the word out there cause I mean really you want a big box of things when you win right?

Super Saturday Feature

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Good Saturday to all! I am going to start a Super Saturday Feature twice a month on some of the great shops i find. This Saturday it is on miesmama, who happens to be the feature store for the Etsy Blogger street team that I am part of as well.

Miesmama has a very cute and fun little shop, combining felting, sewing and vintage items into some great finds and deals for you. I have to say one of my favorite's is the Pink Clover Headband (shown below)

You can also find wonderful totes, purses, and clutches that she has upcycled from various sweaters and wool materials, i have to say my favorite so far is the Blood Red Rose Clutch (featured below)
So hop on over to and find that something you have been looking for!

Online Make Over

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July 29th, 2009
Yup that is the date, time, and website to be at for the online Make over party! I suggest logging on a few minutes ahead of time to set up your registration, upload your picture and get ready to have some fun!! If you have any questions please let me know. Also if you add me on facebook I will be sending out reminders and special discount offers as well as a list of the discontinued items that i will have for sale and a greatly slashed price!
Here is my Facebook I look forward to having fun with each and every one of you!!

I don't just sell on Etsy

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Yes that's right. I don't just have my etsy shop, I am also a Mary Kay Consultant. I haven't talked about this on my blog simply because I have been focusing on my handmade items, but I wanted to let everyone know, if you need product, want to find that perfect gift for a friend, girlfriend, wife, etc then you have come to the right place.

I have been using Mary Kay products since I was 16, thanks to my mom. I loved them then and I love them even more now! My morning ritual is done in about 30 minutes and that includes washing, drying and styling my hair, my face and make up routine is about 7 minutes all together, who could as for better? Wanna know more? Simply drop me a comment with you email address and i would be happy to chat with you about any questions you might have. I will also be posting a couple of premade baskets soon that will be available for sale! I am so excited about them, and in the near future I will be having an online party, yes you read right an online party, be able to stay at home in your pj's, with your favorite wine or beverage at your side. This is possible because we now have a virtual make over section on the mary kay website, upload your photo and you can try on all the color's available from mary kay and even try out different hairstyles as well. Not sure what colors look good together, they also have "sets" that have been designed by professional make up keep a look out for that date. If you want to have a notice sent to you about this as well, leave me a comment saying so and an email address for it. During the party I will be available through IM chat via facebook or yahoo.

Well time to get back to the daily grind, but again leave me a comment, message, or question. :) have a great day!

To Do List

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(this great notepad made by the wonderful
TerriTaylorDesigns simply click the picture to go to her shop)

What is on your To Do List today?
Well i have so many things I want to do, I am not sure where to start. I have all my project hopes listed on my very own Crap To Do list, I love this little notepad, you can get your very own at Terri's etsy shop, simply click on the picture to take you to her store.
I think I am just going to start at one end of the house and work towards the other, which means that this weekend i am going to work on my back porch. I have totes and boxes out there that need to be gone through, i eventually want to move my creative stations out there so I have more room to lay things out and so the inside of the house won't be so cluttered. That would be my big project, along with the daily chores of laundry , dishes, trash, and vacuuming or sweeping.
I also want to try to work on one of the patterns i got when I went back home. One of my favorite things to do when we go back and visit is to travel up to Muscatine, IA and visit The Cotton Shop. I bought a couple of kits their for wool ornaments, i want to dig those out and see what else i need to make them. I wanted something different from everything else i have been making so i thought i would try out making some things with wool. My mom seems to love it, so I thought why not try it. Though, i won't be getting them out till i am done with my goals for this weekend. So wish me luck on those.
What is on your to do list this weekend, any major projects, minor projects, new creative patterns or ideas?? I love reading what my friends are up to.

So I Am Back In The Saddle

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Ok so things are a bit better in the Wyattmills household. Today I finally feel like i can get some things done, if this headache would completely go away!! There is so much to get done but i'll take it one job at a time.

We had a great time back home in IL. I got to go to all the places i wanted to go, even saw a few people I haven't seen in YEARS!!! It was grand fun and hope we can do it again next year.

I now have projects that should keep me busy for a while and even a list of quilt kits i want to get from this great shop in Muscatine Iowa once i have finished what I bought this trip. You can check her out online, the store name is The Cotton Shop, just click on the name and it will take you to her shop. I have to say it is the best quilt store I have found so far. We also went to Kalona, IA and i got some great prim decor and a great smelling candle along with a couple of new bag patterns i can't wait to try out.

And I also didn't forget about the giveaway, but i think i am going to keep it a mystery this time, i picked up a few things while i was back home, but i am also going to include a few of my own handmade items. I will be putting up a separate post for that so we can keep track of it.

I haven't gotten any pictures of my newest pieces for decoration, but once i am caught up at home i will definitely take the time to snap some and post them as I know you all want to see my loot. :) I hope everyone is having a good week and i look forward to hearing from everyone!

We made it home!!

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I just wanted to post a quick note, we did make it home from our trip to IL, but as soon as we got back both Connor and I became sick, so I apologize about the delay on the giveaway, but i hope to have it all ready tomorrow and we'll get things going then!!

Another great day and A GIVEAWAY

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Ok so it was another great day today. The morning was spent shopping with hubby and the boys, then home for about an hour and then we headed out to Uncle Doug's to go fishing. Connor was fishing right off the bat, no sooner did he sit down and daddy made the first cast and he caught a fish, then another, then another...4 fish in a row....then he decided he was bored so Yaya took over the pole and wham she caught a was just a good day, JJ caught fish, Papa caught fish, Daddy caught fish and even Mommy caught a couple of fish, but the big highlight was when Mommy (that is me) caught a whopper of a TURTLE, yep i said a turtle. A snappin turtle had popped his head up by my bobber and as his head went down, so did my bobber, so of course I thought he had hooked on, so I reeled him in. Now of course I had the fishing pole and not the camera in my hands so I look to my dad to take a pic, and he grabs his camera but the turtle got away before a pic could have been taken, I had hooked him in his back leg, but it was a consensus that he was the size of a go kart a fairly good sized turtle. I thought I would share some pics.....

Now I am sure that you are all wondering about the giveaway in my title, well that is right, I am gearing up for another giveaway. This Thursday I am joining my mom and her best friends for a girls day out and we are road tripping to some of the coolest places. Well while I am out and about with them I am going to pick up little things here and there to create a "share my visit home" basket that will be given away at the end of July. I will start the giveaway tomorrow, the first of July and it will go through the 30th of the month, Yes that is 30 days to enter. I will put all the info in how to earn entries into tomorrow's post. Plus as the month goes by I may even add more things to the basket as surprises! Keep checking back and let all your friends know!
Plus I have created a fan page for my etsy shop on facebook, please come on by and become a fan!! Just click HERE to join my fan page.

Having a GREAT time so far

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Yes we made it up to my folks house. At 5pm on Saturday evening to be exact. Now this was a fun trip! The boys got to ride along with the grandparents in their big trucks. Connor got to go with Papa on Friday and got to sleep in the truck Friday night with papa, they made it here Saturday at about 4pm. (papa had to deliver his load on Saturday) Yaya stayed the day with us on Friday, and then bright and early Saturday morning we took JJ up to the Flying J where yaya was and he got to ride with Yaya all the way back home. Daddy and I followed in the van with Samson (our dog). Such a nice peaceful ride for us. I read a book, which took up about 3 1/2 hrs of the 10hr ride, then I downloaded some free games to my Bberry, played those, took a nap, and then with about 3 hrs to go I was completely bored! With no movies goin for the kids, no constant talking or questions, not having to refill drinks or snacks i didn't have anything to do. Thankfully we made it and both boys were super excited to finally be at Yaya and Papa's house.

Sunday was a relaxing day around the house, mom and I went to town to get groceries and ran by Kmart to pick up a few things. The kids got to have a water gun fight with daddy and Papa. This is a tradition that Papa started a yr or two ago and each year it's a challenge to see who can show up with the biggest and best water gun. It is something the boys look forward to every year along with going fishing at Uncle Doug's and goin out to play and do smore's around Uncle Richard's fire.

Today we went out to Uncle Richard's, they got to see the ducks, chickens, roosters, bunny's and got to play with the swing set and tether ball. Mom showed me the Hollyhocks she planted there a few years ago, they are gorgeous and i got some great close up pics of the flowers. I will close out with a couple of pictures from Uncle Richard's. I will try to update things later in the week. I hope everyone is having a great day and enjoying their week.

Kitchen Elves

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That is what I wish for. As i sat last night making yet another list of things that must get done before we leave Saturday morning the top one on my list yet again was to clean the kitchen. Something I have done everyday this week, yet never seem to get anywhere on it. I got to thinking, if only I had Kitchen Elves that snuck in at night and cleaned up for me, life would be so much easier. Anyone that knows me can tell you I HATE cleaning the kitchen with a passion. Yet it is a necessity. Now if I were like my mom, my kitchen, well my whole house would be spotless. She never rests, always up doing something and if you have a cup or glass that you might have just emptied make sure to keep it in your sights cause she is very likely to come around and snatch it up and wash it before you have had a chance to refill Just ask my DH it has happened to him more than once. But alas I am not like that, not nearly as obsessive as my mother is about everything having it's place and it being in it. Maybe I should be...

So today is another day of cleaning, laundry, packing and such before we leave for vacation on Saturday. Each day seems to bring one more thing I forgot to do or pack, each morning starts with looking over yesterday's list and starting a new one for today. So with that, I must say good day for today. I will leave you with this....I want to know What is your least favorite house chore and a funny story to go with the reason.......


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Hello blogland. Sorry I have been MIA lately. I just got caught up in the daily routine and didn't stop to think my wonderful friends might want to know how I am and what I have been up to. Well I have to admit I have been lazy and not taken pictures of my newest creations. Shame on me I know!!

I have been busy busy busy, creating, doing housework, and being with the family. Yesterday was not only father's day but my oldest son Connor's 6th bday. (yeah poor daddy) so we had a party at Chuck E Cheese, let me tell you it was a BLAST. I don't think he has ever had so much fun. we played games, had pizza, cake, danced with Chuck E, played more games and then finally came was this momma pooped. Then daddy played games with the boys for the rest of the afternoon (connor got 3 new games. operation, connect four, guess who)

I do have to admit I am behind on my quilt for the quilt along over at the red barn co. I hope to get the top finished this week before we head back home for vacation. I also hope to get a few more items listed in my etsy shop before we leave too. Sales over there have been slow lately, so any word of mouth advertising would be greatly appreciated!

I think that's about it, just wanted to post a quick note to let everyone know I haven't dropped off the earth and i'll post pics as soon as I get them.

Whatcha Doin Wednesday

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So Whatcha doin today? I haven't blogged in a few days, not a lot of exciting things have been going on. Yesterday was my wedding anniversary, my DH and I have been married for 8 yrs now, sometimes it feels like much longer and other times I can't believe it has been that long. It was a very laid back day, hubby had to work, but I made his favorite meal for dinner last night. And my wonderful DH gave me more charms for my Pandora bracelet. He really is starting to spoil me with them :)

I have been a little creative lately. I have a new necklace and 5 new pairs of earrings done with more on the way. Then pictures to take of them before I can list them in the shop. Plus this Saturday I have another craft show. This one is in Franklin, KY so only about 20 miles from home, everyone send sales wishes my way on that day.

hmmm what else, Oh yes I have recently joined the EtsyBloggers Street Team, so keep an eye out for features on wonderful shops and fun blog posts :) Do you like to blog? Do you have an Etsy shop? Interested in learning more about the team? then hop on over here

I will try to get some good pics of my new pieces to share with everyone later today. I hope everyone is having a great day and keep an eye out for more posts. :)

Snoozy Saturday

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That's how I feel this am, just wanna lay around and snooze! But alas too much needs to be done and I have to many things that I WANT to do. So no snoozing for me. I am sorry I have been MIA this week, I have about 4 jewelry ideas I want to bring to life, I also need to finish my quilt top for the online quilt along I am doing. Here are a couple pics of what I have so far :)

still have a couple more rows to put together before i can sew it all together.

Other than that I haven't been too creative lately, this week was spent playing with the kids pretty much all week. Other than taking the oldest to get 3 cavities filled on Wednesday, which he did great at!

Hubby and I have been playing our online game WOW (world of warcraft) after the kids go to bed, so we have been reconnecting with our online friends from the's been rather nice and relaxing.

Oh I do have good news though. DH sent me an email this week letting me know that military spouses are now eligible for up to $6,000.00 in Tuition Assistance....yup that's right, so I have started researching the local colleges that have Radiologic Tech programs, I have always been interested in this field in the back of my mind. Now I may have the opportunity to train for a new career and by the time training is done, both the boys would be in school full time and it would be easier for me to go back to work! I will let you all know the progress of my decision.

Other than that I have nothing really exciting to write about. I will hopefully buckle down and get some things made this weekend, if so I will definetly post pictures for all to see. :)

I'm in another contest

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Yup that's right, I am once again in a contest, this one though is a patriotic contest and I entered one of my little stitched pillows!! If you would all take a moment and pop over here:

and vote for me I would really appreciate it!!!

Summing up the Weekend

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Well once again time has gotten away from and I haven't posted in DAYS!!! Let's see, what have I been doing...well I did create a new's pictured below....

(click picture to take you to the sale listing in my shop)

I also had another craft show/fair on Saturday. It was rather slow but I did have a few sales in the afternoon and their was no fee for it. Over all it was a good day, I gave out a lot of business cards, so hopefully that will end up in a couple of sales.

After the show I came home, motivated the hubby and we all went over to a friends house for a cookout, kids got to run around and play outside, we just had hamburgers and hot dogs, and great conversation. It was a great evening! And the kids went right to sleep when we got home, we almost couldn't get them to brush their teeth!! lol

Now I have a custom order I have to work on so I can get it mailed off tomorrow and I have about 4 more ideas in my head for jewelry I want to get down in my creative journal so I can attempt to create them this week. I also have to get fabric for another custom order that I have received for a tote...lots to do!

So for now I will sign off and hope everyone had a good weekend!

Dear Yaya....

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Look at me!
Dear Yaya,
I wanted to write to you cause I had such fun at Karate Camp today! We did all kinds of things, but we got to use the BB guns again and mom took a picture of my target so I could show you how I did. Pretty cool huh?! Sensei helped me and I had to wear goggles, but I ummmm aimed by myself. I had a lot of fun.
Ya know what else?? Daddy got us a SPRINKLER!! Yeah, we got to play in it yesterday, it felt like a shower.
Ok that's it, I miss you YaYa but we will be coming to see you in less than a month mommy says, I can't wait.

Keeping Busy

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I have been tryin to keep busy this week. I created a new piece for my jewelry line in my etsy shop and then decided to make something just for me.

The piece I made for my shop is different from my normal necklaces. This time I weaved beads within a chain necklace, then added a pendant and few other beaded embellishments. I really like how it came out and anticipate doing another one with larger beads this time. It's pictured below, if you or someone you know might like to purchase it simply click on the picture and it will take you straight to the listing.

The next one I did just for me, with a pendant that I got once again from Kevin over at KanYoFuse at etsy. I really do love his work, but I have done so many for the shop that I thought it was time to make another one just for me. This will make my 3rd for myself out of all the one's I've gotten from him.

I have many more ideas that I want to bring to life and hope to soon. I am getting ready for the craft show here in town this Saturday. i want to have a couple more items created before I set up on Saturday and think that I can get them done in time.

Of course I have been busy with the normal day to day things, cleaning, laundry, camps for the kids, reg classes they are enrolled in, etc.

What has been keeping you busy? Are you creating, running around like a chicken with your head cut off? Taking a vacation? Let me know I love keeping up with everyone

Weekend Flew By

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wow can't believe how long it's been since I have last posted, the weekend has flown by. I had two custom orders to do this weekend so I worked on those and am working on making a robe for myself, a summer robe, though making clothes is a bit different than quilting, or making purses and I have part of it done, but now it's down to the detailing and i was getting tired so I set it aside for a bit.

I have to get ready for my next craft show this coming Saturday here in town so i think I will be workin on more jewelry this week, I have some great ideas running through my head and want to try to make them come to life.

for those interested in my custom orders that were made this weekend two wallets, the pictures are below.

What I've Been Up To

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I have been in a sewing mood lately and wanted to expand my sewing abilities...well I think I have done that. I have made two new tote/purses! They both came out well. The first is a 6 pocket tote, perfect for that mom on the go, crafter on the go, or that summer outing, and is made from some of the cutest fabric!! The second is a medium size hobo bag with a frayed handle. Totally different styles and both fun to make. They are both available in my etsy shop, simply click on the picture to be taken there.

So what have you been up to? leave me a comment, I love reading what everyone has to say!

Are you being creative?

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Well are you? I am tryin to be, with just a few little things. Well it started on Monday, I was all gung ho to sew together a new pattern I have for a tote/purse. Well needless to say, Monday was not my day to create. After fighting with the bottom and the binding and ripping out all the seems I set it aside to attempt another day and spent the rest of Monday with the kids.

Yesterday was a better day, I made myself a new cell phone pouch and created a simple pin cushion. Both which are very cute, you can see them below.

Today I have a long to do list, but hope to make a couple more pin cushions. I also plan a trip to Hancock fabrics to find a fabric to make a robe. I picked up a simple pattern for a light summer robe and want to try it, i just couldn't find any material I liked when I got the pattern yesterday. Though that trip may be postponed as my youngest is not feeling very good today.
What are you planning to do? what have you been creating?

A Blog feature and Virtual Craft Show

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I just found out one of my stitched pillows has been featured in someone's blog today!! Go visit it and give it some love!!

Also I am in a Virtual Craft Show over at Cafe Handmade, go check it out and all the other wonderful shops that are there as well.
And don't forget to vote for me for Best in Show!!!

A Day to Remember and a Sale!

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Happy Memorial Day.
Today is a day to reflect on how we became the country we are. Take a moment to remember those that gave their lives for our freedom, those that have fought and lived to tell the tale and those that are still fighting for what we believe in. Know a soldier? Thank them today for their sacrifice to keep our country strong and free. We sometimes take for granted the freedoms that we have. I know I thank my hubby for his service and support him in continuing that service to our country.
For today only take 25% off all items in my shop, simply put Memorial Day Sale in notes to seller to receive the discount, via a refund through paypal.

It was a success!!

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Yes, my first real non rainy craft fair was a success! Even though many of the other vendors told us that traffic was actually low, I feel that I did very well for my first show that wasn't rained on!! I did take a pic of my booth, but it's on my phone and I haven't figured out how to transfer it to my time I will remember to take my camera. I knew there would be something I forgot, having to get up at 4 am and out the door by

Now I will be working on items for the next show on June 6th. Then i have a small break, another one on the 20th of June and then one on Jun 27th. Then after that I am taking a vacation from both shows and etsy to go home and visit family.

Today will be a day of relaxation and maybe some sewing. I want to rearrange the living room a bit, much to hubby's dismay. Cherry Turnovers are going in the oven and we have Classic Disney movies in the dvd ready for a marathon. Today we will watch The Computer wore Tennis Shoes, Where the Red Fern Grows, Darby O'gill and the Little People, and The Love Bug....all great movies that I found on DVD at Walmart for $9 a piece...needless to say I was excited!!

So I hope everyone has a great day!

Another Day of Preparation

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Yep, today is another day of preparation, making sure I have everything I need for the craft show/flea market in Nashville that I am going to tomorrow with a friend. I have my list made and will be packing up my tote today and hope I don't forget anything because we will be leaving at 6am tomorrow morning...whew that's early.

I have created a new line that I am taking on a test drive tomorrow. I call it my little princess line, consisting of small earrings and bracelets for the younger generation. The gal I am going with makes custom dresses for little girls and I thought that my new line would compliment them well.

We do have a slight chance for rain, but hopefully it will pass us by most of the day. Keep me in your thoughts tomorrow for a sunny day and a day full of sales!

I also came out of my Etsy shop slump this week, I hadn't had a sale since the end of April, but received a sale, a custom order to boot the day before yesterday, and i was so excited. I love making custom items for people. You can see it pictured below, a custom made cell phone pouch, it came out soo good and can't wait for her to get it.

If you like this, stop on by and request one of your own, I have a lot of fabrics to choose from, simply tell me you preferred color and I'll send you pics of the fabrics I have available in those colors. (simply click the pic to be taken to the listing)

Well time to get the day started, I hope everyone has a great weekend and keep on the look out for an update sometime on Sunday!

Newest Creations

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Well I finally got out and took pictures of my newest necklace creations. I want to get them done because I will be joining my friend Mary and another gal this weekend down in Nashville at the fairgrounds for a craft show/flea market. Hopefully it will be a better day than last weekend. But anyways, here are my newest creations, I would love for feedback!! Which is your favorite!

It's My Birthday....

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But it's you that get's the present!!!
Everything in my birthday sale section is 30% off, refund given via paypal or convo me to change the listing price!!!
Good until 9am CST May 19th!!

Happy Sunday

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Hello all my blogland friends! The sun is shining here and it's NOT going to rain today so that's a good thing, it is going to be a bit cooler but that's ok with me. I am sure some of you want to hear how my craft show went yesterday. Well, not so good, I think we had a total of maybe 3 hrs of sun and the rest of the day it rained. I got there to set up at 8 am and it was raining...ugh, but I got set up and about 9:00 it stopped raining, we had quite a few people come through and I did have a lot of comments on how great my table was and a lot of cards were given away, but about 11am it started raining again and did off and on till about 1:30 when we had a gusher of a down pour, everyone got soaked. It subsided about 2 and the director of Strawberry Lane came around to let everyone know we had another storm with strong winds and hail predicted so it was at that point I decided to pack up and come home. I did have a few sales, but not as many as I had hoped for. I did learn a few things on how to set up for the next one to it's more eye appealing for the next show I am going to do which is June 6th. I think if the rain had left early on, and if I had received some of my display items on Friday it would have been more successful.(they didn't show up till Saturday afternoon) But you live and learn and then plan for the next one.

I will have a few more items to list in my shop and plan to work on getting pictures of those and listing them today. I do plan to have a one day Birthday sale tomorrow in honor of my Birthday so please check back and I will post it tomorrow. It's going to be great!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

It's Craft Show Day!!

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Yep, it's here! Everyone wish me luck and pray that the weatherman is wrong and all the rain predicted will pass us by without getting us wet! I will post tomorrow and let everyone know how it goes!!

Do you know about Pandora?

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Bracelets and Jewelry that is....:) Pandora
My mom got me on to their bracelets and charms around christmas, I don't know exactly where she found out about them, I had heard Pandora thrown around here and there but never really looked into it. When my mom came to visit she showed me her bracelet and charms and it was sooo cool!! The website really gives a good history on the jewelry and even let's you play around and build your own yesterday I finally sat down and played around with it and created my wish list. Of course I sent this to my hubby (as my birthday is next week) He is always asking me what do you want for your bday, anniversary, xmas,...etc. So I figured this would be good for him cause then he wouldn't have to ask me all the And he also likes to surprise me with "just cause" gifts every now and then.

So he comes home yesterday with a "just cause" bracelet and 3 charms....I was soo excited!!! So I have my bracelet and start to my charm collection. These are the one's he got me:
Aren't they pretty? I really like the glass beads and have...oh I don't know about 25 others that I really like on the list, a great selection for him to choose from and still be able to surprise me on what he gets :) Plus since mom has hers too it will be a great way to get her something special that I know she'll want and like. Of course we both went with the Sterling Silver charms as they are the most reasonably priced. So I think this has become our new obsession.....what is your current there something out there that you just love and want to share? I would love to hear about it!!
I hope that everyone has a great day and enjoys the weather, if it's good in your neighborhood!!

What I did on my Mothers Day

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So what did everyone do today?? I thought I would share what I did today in the few pictures i took....since I didn't really "need" or want anything I simply asked for flowers for mothers day and take a look at what I got...

We went to Lowes and picked up just a few things to plant today, I still have a lot of work to do on the front of the house, but the back is coming along nicely, or at least I think so :)

Hope you are enjoying your day!


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A Mom loves unconditionally

No matter what you do.

A Mom will give her very best

and expect your best from you.

A Mom will stay up late at night

to make cupcakes for your class.
A Mom will defend you wrong or right
and your happiness is her task.

A thankless job most of the time,
but once a year we say

Thank you Mom for being there,

and Happy Mother's Day!
I saw this poem and though it was perfect for today. Now I had grand intentions of doing this wonderful tribute to my mom post with these great pictures I remember taking of having seen taken of her as I grew up.....but ya know I was looking through my photos, albums and photo CD's I realized.....she has them ALL so this will be a tribute to YaYa from her loving daughter and grandsons.

My mom has this special bond with my oldest son Connor, it's hard to explain but when something awesome happens to him, he first tells me and then the very next person he thinks to tell is YaYa...(sorry daddy) My mom spent the first 6 weeks of Connors life living with me and helping me with him, the house, cooking, you name it she did it! (yep she's great)

He always prefers to be with YaYa when she's with us.

even when visiting the whole family back home, it was YaYa he preferred. (yep, mommy is preggo with little brother in this one)

Then little brother JJ came along, and again mom came to visit and help but I was only able to keep her for 2 weeks this time....but she still made that little bond with JJ, though to this day it's not nearly as strong as her bond with Connor.

And he always has a kiss for YaYa

of course so does JJ though he would rather mess with her stuff :)

So from the boys and I, we want to say


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