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Yes, it's another post and a late one at that but I am just so excited. Today was our grocery day and JJ and I went to Wal Mart! I decided to look at their patterns for a simple purse or bag pattern, I have so many great fabrics that I wanted to make into something bigger than a quilt block, well as luck would have it I found one and it has two, yep I said 2, different patterns in it. I also bought a very cute apron pattern but silly me didn't look on the back to realize I needed bias tape so that will have to be made another day.

Anyway back to my purse/bag pattern, so we got home, unloaded and put groceries away, I chatted a bit in the etsy forums and kids watched a couple of cartoons, then daddy finished yard work and it was outside to play in the yard and with bubbles! At that point I decided to go ahead and wash the fabric I wanted to use for this purse (as instructed by the pattern) I also traced the pattern pieces onto some freezer paper (cause I don't like using the tissue pattern pieces) and then back to playin with the kids.

We finally came back inside and daddy put on Nick so that I could work on my purse, fabric was dry so I ironed away, cut out all the pieces and sat down to sew my heart away. All went well till putting the bottom piece on, tore it out twice till I was happy with my work. Now this is my first and will be mine to use, so little things like not having thread to match the lining fabric so that you wouldn't see the seam in the bottom of the purse, well not a huge deal to me. Heck I'm the only one that's going to see it right! Ok, truthfully I didn't want to have to wait a day to finish the darn thing cause I want to use it, like NOW. So here it is:

Now I like this pattern and it breezed together easily (once I figured the bottom out to my satisfaction) So I hope to have a couple more of these made and up in my shop this week. (after a thread run and a bias tape run sometime tomorrow) Tomorrow's goal is to get the apron done and if I like it as well, then look for those as well.
Just a quick post for tonight, it's Spring Break for the kids this next week so look for many posts about the little quirky things they do. :)
Good Night bloggerland!

Super Sunday

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Good morning all my friends in blogland! I don't have a specific shop to feature today as I am getting caught up on all my blog reading for this week so I want to share a couple of things from my life this week and also feature a couple of blogs that I LOVE to read! I have been in a quilting mood lately and want to share the quilt top that I finished from my quilt class. It's pictured below, I still have to pick a backing fabric and think I will attempt to quilt it myself later this spring/summer after I have practiced a bit on the sample blocks we were given in class.

This week both the boys had their Easter parties and boy were they fun, Thursday was JJ's party and though the Easter Bunny didn't hide eggs, he was nice enough to make getting candy easy for all the preschoolers. He simply left a "field" of candy for them to run around and pick up. JJ loved it! as you can see.

He filled his bag so full that he broke the handle under the weight....lol

Now for Connor's kindergarten class the Easter Bunny thought the eggs were appropriate, so they got a "field" of eggs to grab up. Imagine 100 kids and one mass chaos egg hunt!!! Plus every child had their bunny ear crowns on....100 flopping ears running around...it was soooo cute. Take a look....

It was fun being able to be at and participate in both parties, thanks to a great friend here in town who volunteered to watch JJ on Friday so I could got to Connor's party! Cause sometimes it's better when Mommy can show up without little brother being drug along...:)
Now for a couple of blogs that I love to keep up with, though I may not always have time to post comments on them, I am reading them on a semi daily basis! The first one I enjoy reading is
This is such a fun and creative blog to read, with the quilt tops he makes and the creativeness of both he and his family! It's always an inspiration whenever he reveals his newest creation. And I want to throw out a congratulations on the newest addition to his family. ( they just had a gorgeous baby boy recently!)
Next on my list is
Brig has such a wonderfully well written blog and some her daily life stories will make anyone smile! I met Brig on etsy and not only does she have a wonderful blog, but a fantastic etsy shop as well. Feel free to check both out, her etsy shop is BrigaBauble
Lastly for today is
Now this blog is new, but it was created by my Mom! After being told not only by myself but by a lot of her own friends that she needed to start creating her own patterns and sell the creations she makes, she created this selling blog. Again it's in it's first stages, but go over, take a look, sign up to follow so you can be one of the first to know when she has new items and patterns available! I promise you won't be disappointed.
Now don't forget to sign up for my giveaway and take a look at my shops. www.primitivejunkie.etsy.com and www.primitivejunkie.artfire.com.
It's time to get around and ready to go to the store for groceries and supplies, I wish you all a very happy, sunny and creative day!

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