Another Day of Preparation

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Yep, today is another day of preparation, making sure I have everything I need for the craft show/flea market in Nashville that I am going to tomorrow with a friend. I have my list made and will be packing up my tote today and hope I don't forget anything because we will be leaving at 6am tomorrow morning...whew that's early.

I have created a new line that I am taking on a test drive tomorrow. I call it my little princess line, consisting of small earrings and bracelets for the younger generation. The gal I am going with makes custom dresses for little girls and I thought that my new line would compliment them well.

We do have a slight chance for rain, but hopefully it will pass us by most of the day. Keep me in your thoughts tomorrow for a sunny day and a day full of sales!

I also came out of my Etsy shop slump this week, I hadn't had a sale since the end of April, but received a sale, a custom order to boot the day before yesterday, and i was so excited. I love making custom items for people. You can see it pictured below, a custom made cell phone pouch, it came out soo good and can't wait for her to get it.

If you like this, stop on by and request one of your own, I have a lot of fabrics to choose from, simply tell me you preferred color and I'll send you pics of the fabrics I have available in those colors. (simply click the pic to be taken to the listing)

Well time to get the day started, I hope everyone has a great weekend and keep on the look out for an update sometime on Sunday!

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