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Ok thank you for waiting everyone! Well turns out the book swap site also supports hardback, but I still have a few that didn't have the information required to put them on the site. (i think because either they are part of a special series or are just too old) So I will list them here, if you are interested just let me know, you don't even have to have a swap book, I just want to get these out of the way to make room for more...hehe

Chief! by Seedman/Hellman:
The riveting true story of a hardnosed New York detective who solved some of the most daring crimes of our time!

Amy Girl by Bari Wood

Readers Digest Best Loved books containing The Scarlet Pimpernel, Tom Sawyer, The Good Earth, and Robin Hood

The Establishment by Howard Fast:
It is 1948; World War II is over but the world is not at peace. In San Francisco, Barbara Lavette, whose career as author and foreign correspondent was chronicled in Second Generation, is trying to make a life with her husband, Bernie Cohen, the soldier of fortune whom she'd first met in Paris, and their small son, Sam.

Sins of the Fathers by Susan Howatch:
This is the tumultuous novel of men and women pitted against a world of wealth, power, and privilege...the story of the powerful Van Zale clan, and the man, Cornelius Van Zale, whose dynastic struggle to control a great fortune becomes the center of his life.

So if any of these interest you just let me know. and if you want to see what else I have online check out the website and look me up again my nickname is primitivejunkie :)

Do you love to read???

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Well do you?? I sure do, I could read all day long if possible, but alas real life, kids, family, errands, etc get in the way so I take advantage of the moments I can get. Once in a while my hubby takes over on a Saturday and let's my just veg and read all day. I have loved to read all my life, just ask my mom, I have heard many many times that she probably spent more money on books than anything else while I was growing up! My hubby doesn't even try to get me books as presents because he knows I have probably already gotten them read, as soon as a new one from a favorite author comes out, i either buy it or have the library find it for me.

I have recently been turned onto a new series. The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon, a historical romance with a twist series. I have finished the first book, and now am awaiting the second book to get here (hubby is getting it on his lunch break today) But what to do with all the books I have accumulated....I hate to just let them sit around....well I found this wonderful website where you can request and list books you want and have. You simply list all the paperbacks you have and others request them. It's a free site and all it costs is the shipping of the books. As you list and send books you earn credits to request books from others. Once you receive one, read it, then you re list it for someone else to enjoy. I listed 10 books this morning and am already sending two out! plus I have credits to request two books as well. If you are interested in joining please let them know I referred you. My nick name on the site is of course primitive junkie.

But I also have many hardback books that are just sitting around. So I thought why not offer them here and see if anyone would like to swap books. I will be getting them all together and listing them in a separate post later along with books that I am looking for. If you have one that I am wishing for and see one on my list you would like then all you have to do is leave me a comment with a way to contact you and I would love to swap, all I ask is that you pass the book along once you are done with it. Let's help everyone save on the cost of books! What do you think?

Well it's time to run to the PO and then the library for a reading program for the youngest. I wish you all a good day and stay tuned for my swap post!

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