My Little Guy is Growin up

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Well I hadn't posted about the kids in a while so thought I would work on posts about each of them this week. Today it's Connor. My little man age 5 going on 15. He is all about doing things by himself now..I can do it mommy....look what I did. So I have given him a little bit of free reign. Such as brushing his teeth..he gets his toothbrush, wets it, puts the toothpaste on and brushes his teeth. He still has to wait for Daddy to do his mouthwash, but he even gets that ready and then waits.

In the mornings he likes to do his own oatmeal. From opening package, putting it in the bowl, measuring the water, and putting it in the microwave and starting it. (all with mommy's supervision of course) Today he even tried to get it out of the microwave...that is mommy's job because it's hot..his answer was to put my oven mitts on and try....a couple more inches taller and he could do it. (right now to get it in the microwave he has to tiptoe on his stool)

Then he latest chore he has taken on himself is cleaning the table after dinner. Mommy sprays it with cleaner and he takes the paper towel and wipes it all clean. Such a big helper he is. (pictured above) Shortly after dinner though it all usually hits him and he collapses (pictured below)

He wanted to share with his Yaya some pictures as well but those will be on another day as you can see he's resting with a buddy of his right now :)

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