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As I was searching for a blanket last night to curl up with in the cold I opened my trunk and found this. My great grandma Brownie made it for my high school graduation. Sadly she is no longer with us, but I hope that she is looking down on me as I attempt to learn to quilt myself.
Her name was actually Fern Brown, but as the story goes when I was little and mom asked me who she was I said..."Grandma Brownie" and it stuck! She had me bring her some of my mom's clothes I wanted incorporated into it. The rest of the squares would be made up of scraps from her own clothes. I remember picking out a dress I loved from my mom's closet and it turned into many squares like this one.
And if I remember correctly I also took a plaid shirt that mom no longer wore and it became squares like this.
And the rest of the quilt is made up of Grandma Brownie's pants, jackets, and became squares like these

Now I was given this quilt many years ago and it has held up through many moves, to college, back home, back to college, and back home again. From apartment to apartment, city to city and it has weathered the storm wonderfully. Out of all my quilts and blankets it is still my most favorite to curl up with and talk about keeping you warm! So many memories are in this quilt. I look at it and remember going to Grandma Brownies house with my two cousins to learn how to bake a pie from scratch. Learning from both Grandma Brownie and my Grandma Jackie (my dad's mom and her mom) Playing Kings on the Corner on the card table in the middle of the living room. Family get togethers when my cousins and I hid out in her spare bedroom and gossiped all day long. And her famous banana bread that she made my dad and his brothers and sister for christmas every year! It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside remembering those times. Both Grandma Brownie and Grandma Jackie are greatly missed!

I just wanted to share a bit with everyone today as I was feeling a bit nostalgic after pulling this out last night :)

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