My Project Progress

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As promised here is an update on my projects today. I am almost finished with my afghan, one more skein and i think it will be just right for a lap cover up. Here is the progress so far.

I also received a pattern for a newsboy cap in my email today from an Etsy friend. Thanks Macri! Here is how my first attempt worked up. Now it calls for 100% cotton yarn...of which I had none so I used I am sure it will work up differently with the correct yarn (cause it's not as thick) but this gives you the idea. Now I do have to admit the visor part gave me a heck of a time, but i am sure with practice i'll get better. Here are just a couple of pics, the last one showing I am really not a hat

That has been my work for the day. While the boys played camp in their bedroom I crocheted my little heart out. Now to just sit back and watch a movie before crashing in bed tonight. Wishing everyone in blogland a great weekend. And keep those comments coming!

Giveaways Galore

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Just a reminder there are only two days left for my giveaway. comments will be closed Sunday night and I will draw a winner on Monday. Click the button on the right to take you to the post. Good Luck to all.

Plus while perusing through blogland I have found a few more giveaways. is featuring a great etsy shop and the shop has been nice enough to donate one of her custom designed hand bags to give away. Contest ends on the 11th so sign up quick!

And Zen Cupcake is giving away a cute pair of cupcake earrings that will be packaged in the box you see and sent in the quilted bag pictured. How cute!! Just click the pic and it will take you to the post to sign up on.

Ryan over at I'm just a Guy Who Quilts is having this great prim giveaway as well! You can click the picture and it's the Feb 1st post. I have the perfect place for all of these great items so good luck to me :)

Also check out Audrey's Country Crafts, she has done a lot of research and found quite a few more giveaways out there in blogland. Hop on over and find something you love and enter. Her button is on my sidebar.

I will update my projects later today when I get pictures done. :)

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