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Well, my parents and the girls stopped over for their 36 hr break this week and the boys absolutely loved it and I got my pillow finally finished thanks to a couple of tips from my mom! Samson was not too excited to see the girls though...he stayed in his living room or the back of the couch in the boys' living room for most of the stay...basically as far away from the girls as he could get, it was soo funny. Of course the boys had to show off to yaya and papa how they can ride their bikes! They are so proud of themselves for are daddy and I.

I am on to my next project and quilt made out of 20 fat quarters, an easy and simple project and something to do on a rainy day. Speakin of quilts, want a chance to win one? check out, she is giving away a free quilt, you still have time to sign up, it ends Oct 17th! What a creative quilt it is too! Good luck to all.

I will post pics later of my pillow and other crafty stuff. Time to get back to cutting the pieces for the quilt.

Happy crafting!


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