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Ok thank you for waiting everyone! Well turns out the book swap site also supports hardback, but I still have a few that didn't have the information required to put them on the site. (i think because either they are part of a special series or are just too old) So I will list them here, if you are interested just let me know, you don't even have to have a swap book, I just want to get these out of the way to make room for more...hehe

Chief! by Seedman/Hellman:
The riveting true story of a hardnosed New York detective who solved some of the most daring crimes of our time!

Amy Girl by Bari Wood

Readers Digest Best Loved books containing The Scarlet Pimpernel, Tom Sawyer, The Good Earth, and Robin Hood

The Establishment by Howard Fast:
It is 1948; World War II is over but the world is not at peace. In San Francisco, Barbara Lavette, whose career as author and foreign correspondent was chronicled in Second Generation, is trying to make a life with her husband, Bernie Cohen, the soldier of fortune whom she'd first met in Paris, and their small son, Sam.

Sins of the Fathers by Susan Howatch:
This is the tumultuous novel of men and women pitted against a world of wealth, power, and privilege...the story of the powerful Van Zale clan, and the man, Cornelius Van Zale, whose dynastic struggle to control a great fortune becomes the center of his life.

So if any of these interest you just let me know. and if you want to see what else I have online check out the website and look me up again my nickname is primitivejunkie :)

Do you love to read???

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Well do you?? I sure do, I could read all day long if possible, but alas real life, kids, family, errands, etc get in the way so I take advantage of the moments I can get. Once in a while my hubby takes over on a Saturday and let's my just veg and read all day. I have loved to read all my life, just ask my mom, I have heard many many times that she probably spent more money on books than anything else while I was growing up! My hubby doesn't even try to get me books as presents because he knows I have probably already gotten them read, as soon as a new one from a favorite author comes out, i either buy it or have the library find it for me.

I have recently been turned onto a new series. The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon, a historical romance with a twist series. I have finished the first book, and now am awaiting the second book to get here (hubby is getting it on his lunch break today) But what to do with all the books I have accumulated....I hate to just let them sit around....well I found this wonderful website where you can request and list books you want and have. You simply list all the paperbacks you have and others request them. It's a free site and all it costs is the shipping of the books. As you list and send books you earn credits to request books from others. Once you receive one, read it, then you re list it for someone else to enjoy. I listed 10 books this morning and am already sending two out! plus I have credits to request two books as well. If you are interested in joining please let them know I referred you. My nick name on the site is of course primitive junkie.

But I also have many hardback books that are just sitting around. So I thought why not offer them here and see if anyone would like to swap books. I will be getting them all together and listing them in a separate post later along with books that I am looking for. If you have one that I am wishing for and see one on my list you would like then all you have to do is leave me a comment with a way to contact you and I would love to swap, all I ask is that you pass the book along once you are done with it. Let's help everyone save on the cost of books! What do you think?

Well it's time to run to the PO and then the library for a reading program for the youngest. I wish you all a good day and stay tuned for my swap post!

Life just happens....or Does It?

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Hello my blogland friends. I hope everyone has had a good week and is planning an even better weekend.

I am sure you are wondering about my blog title. Well I have to say it's inspired by my mom and dad, my mom just wrote a great post over at about are you a Let it Happen type person or a Make it Happen type person. That got me to thinking about what type I am and what type I want to be. She admits to being a let it happen person, but my dad you see is a Make it happen person. He decides what he wants, looks at all the angles and possible outcomes and devises a plan to get what he wants. You'll see when you read her post.

Well, I have to say that currently I am a let life just happen type person, but want to work towards that Make it happen mentality. After sitting back and reevaluating my life and the life I have created for my kids, I decided i want better. Better schools for my kids, better community for them and all around a fantastic life that they will look back on when they grow up and say, that's what I want for my kids. I can do that, I can look back on how I grew up and go, that's the freedom I want my kids to feel. So now it's onto the Make it happen mode. Well, I figured one way to do it was to right it out. The pros and cons of where we were, i.e. our town, our home, the school district, any friends we had made....and well the cons seemed to out weigh the pros.

Now I need to give a little bit of background, my hubby is military and we moved here a little over 3 yrs ago because of his position as a recruiter, well since then his position has changed and now drives 90 miles one way to work (previously it was 20 miles one way) Well that is a strain on him, on finances, and ultimately on our family, so what do we do about it. Seems simple enough...figure out how to move closer to his current position. Ok step one....scout out possible places to move to...first thing look for a great school district...then a community within that school is the housing economy...are there places to rent (as i don't want to buy again with the possibility of being moved in 2-3 yrs) What is available close for the kids...etc. So it was decided that within the next couple of weeks we are going to take a drive up to where my hubby works and then just drive around...see what is where...have lunch...scope out towns and such that make me go....i wouldn't mind living there.

So that seems to be the first plan of action....then we'll decide on the second plan if we find anyplace we fall in love with to move to. (or just that place that looks oh so cute) If there is anyone who reads that is around the Owensboro,KY area, I would love to hear from you as finding someone that I can ask questions too would be fantastic.

Earth Day

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In honor of earth day I thought I might share a few easy ways you can help the earth. Simple things that many of us forget to do and don't take but a couple extra seconds to do.

1.Keep Your Neighborhood Clean-----If you see trash on the ground, toss it in a trash can.

2.Recycle Cans, Bottles, and Paper----Save them at home and at school, and help your family recycle them.

3.Help Keep the Air Clean ----Ride your bike or walk to school. Too many cars cause a lot of pollution.

4.Save Paper----Use both sides of your paper at school and at home.To clean up messes, use sponges or washable cloths instead of paper towels.

5.Help Save Water----Don't leave the water running while you brush your teeth.

6.Help Save Energy----Turn off the lights when you leave the room.Turn off the TV when you're finished watching it.

7.Don't leave the refrigerator door open. ----Get what you want quickly

8. Save the Dryer---Hang your laundry out to dry on those wonderfully sunny days!

These are just a few things that many of us can do and will make an impact on the earth over our lifetime.

Do you have a tip or trick to save energy and save the earth? I would love to hear it!!

Happy Anniversary to my Mom and Dad

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Today is my parents Anniversary. 34 years and going strong, I just wanted to post to them as we are a 10 hr drive apart. Make sure to leave a comment here or over on my mom's blog giving them some love!

Super Saturday

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That just what today was, a super Saturday!!! I felt very productive today. First off I got up and went and got my hair trimmed, i was starting to look a bit shaggy so I got the back of my hair trimmed a bit and just a pinch off my bangs...boy do I feel better. Then came home and hubby mowed the yard since it's suppose to rain tonight and tomorrow. From then I sewed 4 business card/ credit card holders and two more tote/purses today, one of which is for my mom. I played a couple of games with the boys and then played some WOW (world of warcraft) online with hubby after the kids went to bed. All in all it was a good day!

I am hoping tomorrow will be just as productive. I plan to trace out some patterns for a couple of aprons and get them cut out, I may even attempt to sew them together if the time permits. I also have to work on putting all my earrings on cards for a craft fair that a friend of mine is going to next weekend. She very graciously offered to take some of my jewelry with her to display, lets all cross our fingers that some of it sells.

Here are a few pics from today's progress. I hope everyone else is having a great weekend!

This is mom's tote/purse

The newest tote/purse that I have added to my etsy shop

Another one i added to my etsy shop, I just love this pattern!

Don't forget to check out my Etsy and Artfire shops, sales going on till the end of April.

Being Creative

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Well I became creative again yesterday and finished up the Baby Blocks I had cut out and waiting to be sewn. They are sooo cute and so easy to do. They are available in my etsy shop and I can custom make them in almost any fabric, if I don't have what you want I can more than likely find it. Here is how they came out.

I plan on finishing another bag today and cutting out some more fabric for a couple more. My mom found some fabric she loved and so I have another one to make for her and then two more from fabric I found that is soo cool. Hopefully I will get those listed soon as well. I hope to get them all cut out before I pick Connor up from school as we will probably spend the afternoon playing outside since the weather is going to be sooo nice.

Catch everyone later! Have a great day and be creative!

I Am Alive

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Yes i swear I am! I know I haven't blogged in a while. My parents came down last Thursday and we have been having a great time. But time just gets away from me and I haven't really sat down to blog since they arrived. Well I figured it's about time.

My mom and I have been having fun beading. Yup I got her addicted. I also made her this fantastic necklace and earring set. I love it and so does she. I love it so much I am having Kevin (my pendant guy) from KanYoFuse on Etsy make me another pendant like the one on her necklace so I can make myself a great piece like this one. (let me know what you all think)

I also made her this cute little charm bracelet. She picked out the charms and beads and I put it together for her...isn't it cute??

And we sat down and made up some very cute keychains and purse charms. Here are the keychains that my mom made. (you can see mine in my etsy shop)

She even made something special for a good friend of hers back home. Though I'm not telling what it'll just have to wait and see. (you know who you are!!)

Today I decided to make a pouch for my cell phone so that I don't scratch it up in my purse, I liked it so much I decided to offer a custom made cell phone pouch in my shop. check out all my new stuff

Mom and I also went to Nashville today to check out a couple of bead shops that I found, it was a fun trip, though I think I have to go back because by the second shop JJ was ready to go home. Nope he's not a bead buying imagine that.

I also got my green dot purse finished up to my satisfaction and it's now on sale in my etsy shop.

I can also do these in other fabrics so feel free to send me a convo if you like the design but want a different fabric. (yep shameless promotion!!)

I am also looking for ideas to add to my Etsy shop, Etsy is pretty saturated with Jewelry artists and I want to add to my shop, affordable and cute things. What would you like to see?? Leave me a comment with an idea! I love to hear all input.

Winner IS Announced today!

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After tallying up the entries I had a total of 50 entries(including those that got multiple entries for picking different items from stores in the same comment), off to the random number generator and lucky # 22 was picked after counting and recounting it came out to be.....
Congratulations LizardQueen!!!
I have sent you a convo, please send me your address so I can ship off your goodies to you. And thank you to everyone who entered!!

Last Day for Giveaway

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Just a quick post. Don't forget to sign up for my giveaway, we have only 19 comments....let's get some more on this last day. Contest ends tomorrow....hurry up don't miss out on these great prizes!!!

Click the Bear to go to the post to sign up ----------->>>>>

Talkative Thursday

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That's what I feel like today...being Talkative....but alas my best friend is girlfriend from school is probably working...and my parents are hopefully on the road driving down here...and hubby is I get to talk to all of YOU!! Aren't you so lucky!

I took a moment to catch up on the blogs that I follow this morning and found some interesting posts. With Easter right around the corner our house has a bag of Jelly Beans, which were confiscated by my hubby, and , well we DID have peeps but yeah I ate those. Ever wonder where these lovely treats came from? Well, check out The Muddy Moose Bath Boutiques newest post and you'll find out. Click HERE.

Now as i perused my list I found a wonderful giveaway over at my friend Briga's blog. check it out HERE. She has featured the Etsy shop of Aromalite, and I have to tell you I have quite a few of her items, from lip balm, to tealights, and even a sample of her great body spray and Milk Bath!! All great items...hop on over for your chance to win some great products from her.

I am very excited to sew today, I have a new pattern for graduated baby blocks that looks fun to make, but alas I must make myself do the final parent cleaning in preparation for the visit from Yaya and Papa. I think I can get both done today though so be on the watch for a new post later tonight with pictures. I did get some creative inspiration last night and added 3 more items to my etsy shop..hop on ever to see them!

Since I didn't have any great pictures to share I thought I would share a small sample of what is in my favorites on etsy right now! Enjoy and give these great artists some love! (they are at the bottom of my blog)

Whatcha Workin on Wednesday...and more

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Good morning my wonderful readers. I know it has been a couple of days since I last posted, time flies when you have things to do :) Monday was my if it could go wrong day it did. First our dog Samson was sick all day, then my washer quit spinning so it wasn't washing right and then I looked outside and it was snowing/raining and cold. But my hubby came home early, found the problem and fixed the washer. It was only a $12 part so that was great, then it did stop snowing though it was still and wet, rainy, and cold day. Samson did feel better yesterday and seems to be back to his normal self today. No more snow or rain, but still cold today, but we are on a warming trend according to the weather man, so slowly the week is getting better. I got some cleaning done yesterday and a few more items added to my etsy shop so I felt pretty productive yesterday.

Today I am watching my girlfriends daughter for her while she works and the boys are really excited about having her come over. They have Karate class with her and have been asking me since we got up an hour ago when she's going to get (she's 9) Today's goal is to finish up laundry and get the kitchen and bathroom cleaned as my parents are coming down to visit tomorrow with their two little four legged friends. Yup I'm gonna have a full house for a while but the kids haven't really seen them since Christmas.

Creatively I have a few projects lined up. I got a pattern for soft baby blocks that I am going to get the pattern cut out for today. I do need to get fusible fleece for it, so maybe we'll got out to get that tomorrow or after the boys' friend leaves today. Also going to do some spot cleaning on the carpets as a touch up before my parents get here tomorrow afternoon/evening.

So with that I will leave you with a reminder to sign up for my giveaway! Just click the picture to the right and it will take you to the post. I hope to have something a little more interesting for you later today or tomorrow :)

Look What I made

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Yes, it's another post and a late one at that but I am just so excited. Today was our grocery day and JJ and I went to Wal Mart! I decided to look at their patterns for a simple purse or bag pattern, I have so many great fabrics that I wanted to make into something bigger than a quilt block, well as luck would have it I found one and it has two, yep I said 2, different patterns in it. I also bought a very cute apron pattern but silly me didn't look on the back to realize I needed bias tape so that will have to be made another day.

Anyway back to my purse/bag pattern, so we got home, unloaded and put groceries away, I chatted a bit in the etsy forums and kids watched a couple of cartoons, then daddy finished yard work and it was outside to play in the yard and with bubbles! At that point I decided to go ahead and wash the fabric I wanted to use for this purse (as instructed by the pattern) I also traced the pattern pieces onto some freezer paper (cause I don't like using the tissue pattern pieces) and then back to playin with the kids.

We finally came back inside and daddy put on Nick so that I could work on my purse, fabric was dry so I ironed away, cut out all the pieces and sat down to sew my heart away. All went well till putting the bottom piece on, tore it out twice till I was happy with my work. Now this is my first and will be mine to use, so little things like not having thread to match the lining fabric so that you wouldn't see the seam in the bottom of the purse, well not a huge deal to me. Heck I'm the only one that's going to see it right! Ok, truthfully I didn't want to have to wait a day to finish the darn thing cause I want to use it, like NOW. So here it is:

Now I like this pattern and it breezed together easily (once I figured the bottom out to my satisfaction) So I hope to have a couple more of these made and up in my shop this week. (after a thread run and a bias tape run sometime tomorrow) Tomorrow's goal is to get the apron done and if I like it as well, then look for those as well.
Just a quick post for tonight, it's Spring Break for the kids this next week so look for many posts about the little quirky things they do. :)
Good Night bloggerland!

Super Sunday

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Good morning all my friends in blogland! I don't have a specific shop to feature today as I am getting caught up on all my blog reading for this week so I want to share a couple of things from my life this week and also feature a couple of blogs that I LOVE to read! I have been in a quilting mood lately and want to share the quilt top that I finished from my quilt class. It's pictured below, I still have to pick a backing fabric and think I will attempt to quilt it myself later this spring/summer after I have practiced a bit on the sample blocks we were given in class.

This week both the boys had their Easter parties and boy were they fun, Thursday was JJ's party and though the Easter Bunny didn't hide eggs, he was nice enough to make getting candy easy for all the preschoolers. He simply left a "field" of candy for them to run around and pick up. JJ loved it! as you can see.

He filled his bag so full that he broke the handle under the

Now for Connor's kindergarten class the Easter Bunny thought the eggs were appropriate, so they got a "field" of eggs to grab up. Imagine 100 kids and one mass chaos egg hunt!!! Plus every child had their bunny ear crowns on....100 flopping ears running was soooo cute. Take a look....

It was fun being able to be at and participate in both parties, thanks to a great friend here in town who volunteered to watch JJ on Friday so I could got to Connor's party! Cause sometimes it's better when Mommy can show up without little brother being drug along...:)
Now for a couple of blogs that I love to keep up with, though I may not always have time to post comments on them, I am reading them on a semi daily basis! The first one I enjoy reading is
This is such a fun and creative blog to read, with the quilt tops he makes and the creativeness of both he and his family! It's always an inspiration whenever he reveals his newest creation. And I want to throw out a congratulations on the newest addition to his family. ( they just had a gorgeous baby boy recently!)
Next on my list is
Brig has such a wonderfully well written blog and some her daily life stories will make anyone smile! I met Brig on etsy and not only does she have a wonderful blog, but a fantastic etsy shop as well. Feel free to check both out, her etsy shop is BrigaBauble
Lastly for today is
Now this blog is new, but it was created by my Mom! After being told not only by myself but by a lot of her own friends that she needed to start creating her own patterns and sell the creations she makes, she created this selling blog. Again it's in it's first stages, but go over, take a look, sign up to follow so you can be one of the first to know when she has new items and patterns available! I promise you won't be disappointed.
Now don't forget to sign up for my giveaway and take a look at my shops. and
It's time to get around and ready to go to the store for groceries and supplies, I wish you all a very happy, sunny and creative day!

Happy Friday

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Hello all my blogland friends! I decided to title today's post Happy Friday! It has been a busy week here at my home and I am hoping next week I can get back on track with my normal daily posts, but the boys are on spring break so we will see how well that goes :)
Today I have to share some things with you. I participated in a laundry room swap over at The Pickled Pepper Patch, thanks to Char! Well yesterday I got my package in the mail! My partner was Marie over at Spun by ME and I just had to share what she sent me, it is all sooo great and her package was so primitive, she used pieces of old quilts and pieces of brown paper sacks to wrap things up and pack them in the box, so here is my show and isn't she just so creative!!

Now please excuse the shadows in the pictures, i took these rather quickly yesterday so that I wouldn't forget. But I am sure you see what wonderful things she sent me....I can't say enough about her creativity, I especially love the old labels she printed up for me. I have a few old fruit crate labels in my kitchen so this is very very cool to me. But I love everything, I can't wait to put everything up, my washer and dryer are in a corner of our back porch so these will cheer it up a bit. I will post a pic once I have everything situated.
Don't forget to sign up for my giveaway, you can click the button on the right to go straight to that post.
Also I have a Product Spotlight going on till Sunday in my etsy shop. You can get a discount and free shipping on specific items, go take a look And don't forget to check out my mom's selling blog, her button is on the left of the blog.
Have a great and creative day
Miranda aka PJ

Catchin Up

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Well as most of you have noticed I have been MIA for the past few days. Well I had to take my good ole laptop up to the Computer Dr's here in town to be looked at because it just wasn't running right, but it's all fixed up now and I have her back, so later tonight I will get to start uploading all the pics I have take over the last few days. So watch out yaya and papa pics of todays easter party at school will be on their way tonight after karate.

Also i hope to get a post up later on the laundry room swap I was in, i got my package today and wow my partner is awesome!!! such primitive and creative little decorations i can't wait to put them around my washer and dryer area on the back porch, look for pictures later today!

Also while we are on the prim creative geniuses, you all have to check out my mom's new selling about creative to the core, that is my mom! Everything from patterns to already made decor, she's got it with more to come...Check her out and give her some blog love and don't forget to follow her so you know every time something new gets added!!

Don't forget to sign up for my giveaway below!

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