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It has been a couple of days since I have posted. While going through my fabric and yarn yesterday I found a couple of skeins of this neat wool yarn and thought i would try to make something with it, well I came up with this, I am calling it a neck warmer, not long enough to be a scarf, but I am going to find a big button to put on one side and make a button loop to sew onto the other side so you can put it on, button in and have it as a neck warmer under your coat. Once I finish it I think i'll put it in my etsy shop. I did make my first sale today, one of my friends here in town found a scarf that she liked, she wanted fringe on it so I added that yesterday and will be delivering it to her this morning when JJ and I go to the library for kids group. (her kids are in it too) My first sale, kind of exciting. I also found a pattern for hand warmers that I am going to try to make, it seems fairly simple, basically fingerless gloves. It's something I can sit in my chair, covered with my quilt and work on.

Ryan has this weekend off so I hope to get some sewing done on JJ's quilt, and a trip to Joann's to find a needle big enough to do the yarn ties on my quilts. I also have a couple of valentines stitchery patterns I want to get transferred to muslin to work on. Get things lined up to do for this next week as well. I also found a good grouping of fabric for another rug when I went through things yesterday. Hopefully will get that cut up this week or weekend, they go together so easily and is something that relaxes me.

Its a good thing Ryan has the weekend off, he has some things he needs to work on around the house, first off he is going to crawl under the house and check all the heating ducts to make sure they are all attached and functioning properly, our house seems to be colder this year than last, also he is going to check the pipes, he thinks we may have a small leak under the house that he needs to fix. We are also going to put some plastic up on some of our older windows to help with insulating the house, our bathroom window is one of them, we can feel an air leak their as well as the ones in our bedroom, they are rather old windows, so we are trying to do all we can to keep the heat in and the cold out. It is suppose to get down to 0 by Friday, which is the coldest it has been here in Tennessee in six years they say.

Well it's almost time to get ready for Library, so I will sign off for now. Everyone keep warm and stay busy :)

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