It's time for the SpringTime Giveaway!!!

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SpringTime Giveaway!!
Yes folks, I am a day behind schedule on this but it's here, ready and waiting to be given away. I am so excited about this giveaway because I get to showcase some of my favorite people and their wonderful etsy shops! Some of them donated and others I bought little things from to include in this giveaway. Now you wanna know what's in the giveaway right...what kind of little goodies will you get this time....well here's the first Pic. Now I hope you love the model as much as I do....story of the model will follow.

Now as you can tell, we have a cute teddy bear as our model. I was trying to decide how to arrange the goodies for this giveaway and muttering to myself (yes I do talk to myself...shhh don't tell anyone) as my youngest walked by me. He said mommy use Mr. Bear....I thought...yeah I'll use Mr. Bear. Now Mr. Bear has had many names in his life time, Pandy, Mr. Panda, Teddy, Teddy Bear....and so one, I never stuck with just one name. You see Mr. Bear is 28 almost 29 yrs old *gasp* yup, my dear old Daddy gave me this bear when I was about 2 yrs old. He bought it at Big Bear (imagine Farm King) and I have had him ever since, he has been through multiple moves, and gone through hell and back and is still stitched together just fine. He was proud to be used as my model for this giveaway.

Now to the listing of things you will find in this giveaway...Well here goes.

1. Crocheted newsboy cap in a spring pink ....made by ME

2. A necklace made with a fused glass pendant made by etsy's KanYoFuse (someone I consider a friend and awesome artist) he provided the pendant and I created the chain it hangs on. (As you can tell from my shop I am addicted to his pendants)

3. We also have a single pendant without chain or beading donated by KanYoFuse as well. (if you would like a beaded chain for this we can chat about that after the drawing)

4. We have a cute pair of hairclips made by PandaCub, i thought they were so cute I just had to get them for this giveaway!

5. We have 3, yes I said 3 frayed knots from EZ over at FromMyHandsToYours...I have one of these myself and love them, it is so awesome of her to donate 3. I know you will love them as I do.

6. We have a tealight made by Aromalite (we love to call her Roma on our forum thread) now I admit I received this as a sample in one of my orders, but I love her candles so much I wanted to spread the love a bit, so I pass it on to the winner of this giveaway.

7. Next we have the cutest Spring bookmark from PinkrosesSupplyShop. This is so darling, I couldn't get a picture to do it justice, she layered the flowers and the bunny onto the bookmark, almost a 3d effect...great work!

8. Lastly we have a ribbon book mark made by BrigaBauble, again this came to me as a thank you gift when I purchased a necklace from her, but it is soo pretty that I just hate to keep it for myself. I read so fast that I rarely even use bookmarks, so it's your lucky day!

9. Not pictured.....a surprise addition....will be revealed after the winner is drawn.

Now in the coming weeks you will see features on each of these shops, either by interview or just a quick blurb about what I love from their shop. So now you want to know how to enter???

1. Leave a comment on my blog is 1 entry.

2. include a favorite item from one of the shops listed (including mine) and I'll give 1 entry for each favorite item (1 per shop please)

3. follow me, and leave me a comment telling me that you are following me is 1 more entry.

4. Make a purchase from any of the shops listed and you earn 10 more entries (please leave a comment with the transaction link or number as I will be checking with the shop owners for verification)

5. Finally, follow me on twitter and I will give you 1 more entry!

Now you can rack up a total of 20 entries!

What a way to start off Spring, with this great set of items! (total value $75.00) Contest will end on April 13th, I will tally up the entries and the winner will be posted on the 14th, and the package will be sent out as soon as I receive a mailing address from the winner. Now don't forget to leave me a way to contact you, either by email or etsy shop address.

I will leave you with a couple more photos of the giveaway goodies and good luck to everyone who enters!!!

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