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Well, it is Thursday and it's gonna be a busy day. JJ goes to school in about 30 minutes and then I am off to the store to pick up a few things and maybe the fabric next project i believe will be a christmas quilt for my bed, so I will be off to find all kinds of fat quarters to start that project. A rag quilt i believe will be made for that. I also need a couple of more things for costumes tomorrow....the boys can't wait.

My creative side has been kind of on the back burner the last few days, been so busy with boys, halloween, and JJ's bday party that I haven't had time to sit down and create, I also believe I am going to make the boys stockings this year....I just can't find exactly what i want at the stores so i think i will make them this year....big cool stockins that will last their lifetime.

Christmas shoppin is already underway in the wyattmills household, i am happy to say I am about half way done with it...always feels good, I hope to be all done by the end of November, then I can sit back, decorate and enjoy the season.

The boys are enjoying the guinea pigs, Alvin and Simon are settling in well. Alvin is definetly the more subdued of the two, Simon is still a bit skittish at first, but warms up to you. He doesn't like quick movements or loud noises so the boys are really workin on's fun, they will talk to each other and talk to you if you are feeding them, and they purr when they are content, I think mommie is having just as much fun with them as the boys.

Untill next time...Happy Halloween and happy crafting.

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