Do you know about Pandora?

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Bracelets and Jewelry that is....:) Pandora
My mom got me on to their bracelets and charms around christmas, I don't know exactly where she found out about them, I had heard Pandora thrown around here and there but never really looked into it. When my mom came to visit she showed me her bracelet and charms and it was sooo cool!! The website really gives a good history on the jewelry and even let's you play around and build your own yesterday I finally sat down and played around with it and created my wish list. Of course I sent this to my hubby (as my birthday is next week) He is always asking me what do you want for your bday, anniversary, xmas,...etc. So I figured this would be good for him cause then he wouldn't have to ask me all the And he also likes to surprise me with "just cause" gifts every now and then.

So he comes home yesterday with a "just cause" bracelet and 3 charms....I was soo excited!!! So I have my bracelet and start to my charm collection. These are the one's he got me:
Aren't they pretty? I really like the glass beads and have...oh I don't know about 25 others that I really like on the list, a great selection for him to choose from and still be able to surprise me on what he gets :) Plus since mom has hers too it will be a great way to get her something special that I know she'll want and like. Of course we both went with the Sterling Silver charms as they are the most reasonably priced. So I think this has become our new obsession.....what is your current there something out there that you just love and want to share? I would love to hear about it!!
I hope that everyone has a great day and enjoys the weather, if it's good in your neighborhood!!

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