Quilt Top is Finished

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Well, it's done, i finished the quilt top i was workin on earlier tonight. Just wanted to post it for all to see, now I can't wait to get it quilted, i do need to find just the right shade of brown for the backing but that shouldn't be too long, now to decide what to work on next.

Field Trip Day and my Quilt Progression

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Well yesterday was Connor's first field trip with school, he got to ride the school bus and loved it! We went to the local pumpkin farm, called Bottom View Farms, they have a little old time town with a jail, a post office, barber shop, black smith, they have all kinds of animals, cows, texas long horns, horses, donkeys, llamas, buffalo, and a milking cow ( which they got to see milked by hand) they also have a greenhouse, a huge slide, merry go round, hay maze, a little trike race track, hay ride and a tractor pulled train ride, all the kids really had a blast and the hay ride takes you out to the pumpkin patch to pick your own pumpkin. Everyone gets a little pumpkin with the ride and then you can pick other bigger pumpkins for a price which is fairly reasonable of $4 per big pumpkin and $1 for each additional little pumpkin. They had lunch their in a big barn and everyone was on their best behavior. It was a very good experience but a very tiring one for all the adults. Jackson and I followed the bus out and went along for the trip and it was definetly a trip they will remember. The Sheriff is the tour guide for the field trip which the kids thought was great, of course I didn't get his picture, but he wears a holster, has his cowboy hat and boots and of course his sheriffs star....everyone their is so nice and really enjoys it when the kids visit. It is definetly a trip we take every year and will become a tradition that we all love to do.

On another note I am coming along with my quilt, I have included a couple of pictures of the progress of my blocks, I will hopefully get the rest of the blocks done today and start to piece it all together, that is always the most fun twisting and turning the blocks to get just the right look that i will love. It will end up being about a queen size quilt and I do still need to get the backing fabric but that shouldn't be too hard I hope :) And I am already tryin to decide what my next project is goin to be....I think I am becoming addicted, I may have to start selling some of these just to feed my addiction :)
It's almost time to take little bit to school so I will sign off for now, till I have the quilt complete Happy crafting to all!

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