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Yep we have a surprise.....remember our "fat" guinea i post pictures about. Well He turned out to be a She and...yup you guessed it, we are gonna have babies....ugh! Just what we So ryan spent the afternoon researching what we needed to do and first off we have to seperate the off to wal mart i went to find a cage and hope i didn't have to run up the the pet store in Bowling Green, well yep I found one and everything else i needed, but after getting it home and letting him stay in it overnight I realized we prob need to get another one from the pet store becase the Wal Mart one just isn't big enough. So ryan will have to stop on his way home tomorrow and then I will take this one back to Wal Mart and hope i can return it.
I haven't been very productive on the crafting side, I got caught up in a series of books that I just couldn't put down. Yeah those of you that know me, know when I pick a book up, that's it, i don't put it down till i'm done...normally. Well this weekend it was the Twilight series...I have read the first three books and now await the 4th to arrive in the mail. I think i set my own personal record...I read the second and third books in about 6 hrs each....and it felt great. I haven't been able to sit down and read, and I mean really read in a very very long time. It felt soooo good.
So today I get back to crafting, I will be cuttin out some of the pieces for a couple of quilts i believe and keepin an eye on the pregnant guinea, from the looks of it and comparing to online info, she isn't far from giving birth....i will update of course when the event happens. At least we didn't get gerbils...giggle. (that was for mom)

Untill later...Happy Crafting.

What are you thankful for?

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Well in the spirit of Thanksgiving I thought i would post before i get started on the Thanksgiving dinner. I am thankful mostly for my family, my mom, my dad, my husband, my friends and most of all my boys! Even though we are not all together on this day (mom and dad are at home today and friends are with their families) We are all healthy and happy and that is the most important thing in this day and age. I am thankful for the great guidance my mother has given and still gives me when i need it, I am thankful for the strength and wisdom she raised me with. I am thankful for my husband and proud of the years of service he has given to our country and continues to give. I am thankful that my boys are healthy and thirst for knowledge every day. I am thankful for my friends and thier constant support and friendship throughout my life.
I am also thankful that we are having good weather on this thanksgiving day....great time to get the outside lights and decorations up. hehe
I wish everyone has a great thanksgiving and enjoys this beautiful day with their friends, families, and loved ones.
Oh yes and take some time to craft for yourself today!

Whatcha Workin on Wednesday

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Well I figured I would jump on the band wagon with the Wednesday post. Right now we are workin on gettin up and around, the boys and I have been invited over to a friends house today to make cookies and do kiddie crafty things. We have to be there at 9am, as you can see JJ is ready to go, but Connor is dragging a little bit.

Samson got his haircut yesterday, he is such a handsome boy. He is doing much better, and is back to his old self. We have been doing very well with our medicine. i couldnt ask for a better dog, he sits there and lets me put the pill in the back of his mouth and he just swallows it, no issues at all. He got to go with me to pick the boys up yesterday and loved it.

I will be workin on the quilt i am making for Connor's Karate teacher when we get back today. I have two more hands to stitch and then I am just waiting for the rest of the names of the students as I know not everyone was there the two days i tried to get the hand outlines. Once i have the rest of the names I will stitch those on some muslin, then be cutting out the filler squares out of the cutest fabric i found yesterday. Once i have the measurements I will order the minky to put on the back. I have put a picture up of the hands I have done so far, once i have the top done I will post a picture of that too.

Well it's time for me to get ready now, so I will post more later.

Fat Piggy

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Well today has been a busy yet productive day. First off we got up, had our coffee, and started in cleanin and rearranging the house in preparations for christmas stuff. We moved a couch from one living room to another and moved all my sewing stuff into the smaller of our two living rooms with Connor's computer and a recliner. So now maybe i'll have somewhat of a sewing room. We cleaned out the guinea pigs cage and i noticed that Simon is getting to be one fat porker, we took a couple of pictures...must be a happy piggy, but he has prob close to doubled his weight since we got him, packin the pounds on for the winter i
I went up to the little country shop today and dropped off the few things i have made up to sell, a couple of pillows, some coasters and a few placemats, we'll see how they sell or if they sell. Once i have the quilt for Connor's Karate teacher done i am going to try and get a christmas quilt done to put up there as well.
I did get a few decorations out today, still searching for a tote I know that i have with more stuff. I want to find all i have so I know what i need to get. I think i am going to make a new Xmas wreath for the door and may make up some door decorations to make them look like presents....depends on how motivated i get once i get all the little hands stitched up this week :)

Update on Samson, he is feeling much better, actually wanted lovin tonight and wanted to play with his bone...yay! I can still tell he is in pain at times, but i think the medicine is kicking in.

On a side note, Mom if you find any more bones like what he has, buy like 5 of em for me so i can have back stock here cause i still can't find em here.

till tomorrow


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Well, we just got back from the Vet with Samson. Poor dear has a bladder infection and so hasn't been wanting to go potty. Doctor has given me two weeks worth of antibiotics and also gave Samson a very potent (his words) laxative, so the poor dear is quarantined for the next 24 hrs in a dog kennel in the living room with me, plenty of blankets and towels around and inside in case of accidents. So far he has told me every time he has needed to go outside. I am just happy to find out there wasn't anything seriously wrong with him.

On another note, the minky fabric for jj's quilt came in today, so i have included a pic of the flannels and the minky. I am so excited to get started on this but i have to figure out how i am going to do the squares for the front as i don't have an equal amount of each fabric...that will require some thinking. I am also coming along well on stitching the squares for Connor's Karate teachers quilt, that will need to be finished before i can work on JJ's, but i do hope to have both done before christmas...wish me luck.

till later

Just waiting

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Well we are up and around and now just waiting to take Samson (our dog) to the vet. We noticed that he wasn't his self last night and seemed to be favoring his back end and after talkin to his vet last night have been instructed to bring him in this morning for testing to see what is up with him. Yup, I didn't sleep well last night but hopefully we will find that it'something simple.
Also another giveaway, Gracie is being given away, today is the last day to sign up so click on her picture in my sidebar and enter away.
Today will be another creative day, I will be stitching my little heart out workin on Connor's karate teachers gift and probably my christmas quilt top. I will update later with Samson's prognosis and pictures of my projects.

Till then

Well I found it!

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Yup I found the minky that I like and bought it. Ebay is soo great for finding the things they don't have around here for a good price. It's not the paisley i was dreaming about but it is royal blue and has a great look to it. I can't wait to get it now. Now i just have to figure how I want to do the squares, I am planning on 10 inch squares, but i think some will be all one fabric and others will be mixed, the mixed are the ones i have to figure how to put together.

I also got more fabric cut for another quilt top that i think I am going to put minky fabric for the back on. This one is a christmas one and I may put it in the little store in town for sale if it comes out well.

I am also going to start workin on a gift for Connor's Karate teacher. I have gotten about half of Connor's class's hand prints and play to stitch each one on a square, sew them together and some of the parents have chipped in to buy the material for the back (again minky) and I am going to make a lap quilt for him. There are about 30 students, I know that i won't get all of their hand prints so the bottom row will be squares with the names of students i didn't get or weren't there when i was doin it. I will post pics of all as i go along. I am very excited about this project and hope i can get it done in time for christmas.

That is about it for now, time to start the van so its warm to take Connor to school, becuase it's a chilly 24 degrees outside right now.brrrrr

On a Mission

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Well I am now on a mission to find backing for the quilt I am going to make JJ for his bed. It's called Minky fabric and is very soft and a I can put the quilt together and not actually have to have it quilted. But of course I want a certain color and can I find After much research what I really want is a Royal Blue embossed paisley minky fabric, 60" wide if possible I have seen a few that wide in my searches but none with the color i want so far, but there are sooo many websites and I just didn't have enough time to look through them all.

I even went to Joanne Fabrics today hoping they might have some and low and behold they have never heard of it. I may have to stop by my fabric gal in town tomorrow and see if she can get any....wish me luck

Once i have that I think i'll start cuttin out the squares for the top and maybe get it going. If it comes out well I may look into making a quilt for my bed...that would be a big feat as I have a king size bed, but at least I could customize it to drap off the sides like i want my quilts to.

I will post a pic tomorrow of the fabrics i have so far for JJ's quilt top, I may use denim as the filler squares on it...I am not sure yet, i will see how many blocks i get out of the fabric I have so far.
Till tomorrow

A new look

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As most of you can tell I have been playing around with my blog look. Thanks to a very very good friend of mine, Jenn I have a new blog header and a sign off graphic. She was alwasy the more artistic of my friends growing up, I have known her since Kindergarten and through elementary school we were pretty much inseperable, its those types of friends you never want to lose! Plus I've gotten her addicted to the blogging scene. Check her out at

I just wanted to pop on quick before i took the kids to school and update. Nothing new made yet, but I will be workin on some things later today. I will post more about it later.

Super Sewing Saturday

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Today has been a very productive day!

A new store opened up here in town last week, Mary @ the's a unique boutique and fabric room. Very cute shop and she has a small but very nice selection of fabrics. I stopped by last week and spent about 30 minutes talking with the owner. She has a few local crafters who sell in her shop, a gal who makes candles and another local who makes soaps and such for her. I found out that she is all about supporting the local talent and has the availability for others to sell their products/crafts in her store for a small monthly fee, so after going home i thought...why not, I am making a few things to take in and have her display/sell in December and see how it takes off. So that is what i have been working on today, I have been making fabric coasters and placemats. I have pictured what i have done so far...I am also going to do a few fabrick ornies but need to get them stitched up first, that may be my project for tomorrow.

The boys and I also made jello jigglers today, that was fun, snowmen, bells, candy canes, stars, all christmas shapes. Half of them are gone already....:)

I also got in the rest of the fabric that i had ordered for JJ's quilt, can't wait to figure out what pattern i am going to do so I can get the pieces cut out. I will post a pic of the fabrics soon.

So for today i fell like I have accomplished quite a bit. More to be done though...

Until Next time...Happy crafting

Connor and Simon

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Well Connor decided he wanted to try to hold a guinea pig again, we tried the other night and he was too scared and cried when we tried. So today when we got them out to excercise he wanted to try again and this time it was a success! So here is Connor and Simon, he is the calmer of the two guinea pigs and the better to work with Connor with.

that's about it for now.

Till next time Miranda

Giveaways are in the air

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Well it looks like it is giveaway season. Dana over at Old Red Barn Co is have a fantastic quilt giveaway...she is giving away not 1, not 2, but 3 quilts and two quilt patterns. Check her out at and be sure to enter before Nov 17th.
I have not been very productive over the last few days..haven't had the drive, i have my quilt fabrics ironed and laid out ready to be cut motivation. I may need to dig out a few wintery decorations to help get me in the mood, I have been tired lately with the gloomy overcast rainy weather. I am also waiting on the fabric for JJ's quilt and I am trying to find a design for a king size quilt for my bed...big ideas i know.

On a good note, i believe i have the boys christmas done, other than stocking stuffers! Yep that's right, i picked up the last few things at wal mart today. I have a few stocking stuffers, but want to get a few more things for the kids and i will be ready, now to just hold off the wrapping of
Ok so i had to edit this post after my blog reading to put in this link to the cutest work apron that i believe i will be attempting to make it is so cute and sounds sooo easy...check it out

that's about it for now, just an update for everyone.

Happy crafting

Yaya and Papa Visit

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Yaya and Papa got in yesterday and the boys were sooo excited! They are on their way back to Iowa and taking a break to stop over and see the boys and ryan and I. It's so nice when they stop by..the boys almost don't know what to do with themselves. And I get to send my quilts back with mom to get the quilted which is very exciting.

JJ had to show yaya and papa his guinea pigs and how well he can hold Alvin, I have a picture i posted of him holding on to Alvin. He is doing so well with it. Samson is once again all upset because the girls have invaded his house again, it really is pathetic to watch him around them. He might get used to them one of these days, but i doubt it.

I am hoping to get the material i got for the stockings and my christmas quilt ironed and cut out this weekend, I won't get the stockings sewn together till my Warm and Natural comes in, I found some on ebay at a great price, I can't believe how difficult it is to find on a 45 in bolt around here. Looks like ebay will become my friend for that. Actually ebay has helped me with christmas quite a bit this year, some great deals on the things the boy want for christmas.
Oh and another giveaway I have found from a wonderfully creative crafter named Sandy over at you can see a pic of what she is giving away on my side bar. You have till Nov 15th to sign up so hop on over and see all her creative works.

That's about it, i'll post pics of my projects if i get them started, wish me luck.

Happy crafting and quilting!

Election Day.... Did You Vote?

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Well yep, I did, spent almost two hours inline to take 2 min and vote, boys went with me and all.

On another note, JJ's bday party was last sunday and it was a success, he got lots of toys and had a good group of kids show up to play and have fun and eat cake. I have put a couple of pictures up showing the cake, presents and of course the eating of the cake...the best part.

I also have a picture of the fabric i just receieved for JJ's quilt, it is the first of about 5 pieces that i ordered for it, now to just decide how to make his rag quilt, how many blocks i'll need, etc. I think that, thanks to a suggestion from my mom, that i will work denim into the quilt for him so it will be denim and super heros.

Well the kids have school off today so i think we are going to work on some cleaning, maybe i'll work on the christmas stockings that i am going to make, and maybe we'll play some games...if i can find my deck of cards i am going to teach connor and JJ how to play Go Fish. We might also go to Bowling green to the fabric store and the pet store, i need some batting and we need to get some more bedding for the guinea pigs.

that's about it for now...till next time Happy Quilting

Candy Overload

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Well we had a very successful Halloween as you can see! We started the evening by going over to Kristy's house (another Karate mom) and having Chili and sandwiches to prepare for the evening of trick or treating ahead. Then a little bit of playing for the kids outside and then we were off at around 6pm. Straight across the street was a house with fog, strobe lights, and great music playing. I found out he is the local DJ, it was great to have all the Halloween classics going, Adams family, Ghostbusters, Thriller, etc and on top of candy the boys got glow in the dark necklaces. then down the left side of the street, back up the right side, and down two other streets, most houses were tame but we did encounter one house where mommy had to intervene, they had They had some adults dressed up as Mike Meyers, Pinhead, and the guy from Chainsaw Massacre, chainsaw included....yup this mommy walked up with the kids and being the supermom i was defeated the bad guys so the kids could retrieve their candy then down the final street and two hours later, loaded down with candy both the superhero's and their parents were pooped out, but they had sooo much fun and couldn't wait to get home and see all their loot.

We did see one idea that we all think we will adopt next year, one family had hooked up a small trailer to a 4wheeler and were driving that around the neighborhood letting the kids off at each house...definetly something we are going to adapt next year. Kristy has the trailer and Tiffany has the 4wheeler, a couple bails of straw in the trailer and we would be set. What a great idea.

Today we get the final things for JJ's bday party tomorrow besides the cake, we pick that up tomorrow morning. Origionally i was going to have the kids create their own life size superhero by having them lay down on a big piece of paper and drawing around them, but the paper roll end i was going to get from the newspaper didn't make it down yesterday so we have changed the craft project to makeing sock puppets, so i need to pick up some googly eyes and pom pom ans a couple pieces of felt to cut out noses and rosy cheeks. It should be a fun day, we have some outside games to start with, then inside for coloring and sock puppets and ending with cake and presents. We have 4 little one's comeing for sure, but may have more. I have found that not a lot of people RSVP so I have planned on the full 10 kids that we invited, though I know they won't all show up. I will post pics tomorrow evening probably...i'll try not to keep everyone waiting too long for them.

On the creative side, not a lot has gotten done as I have run out of batting for projects and haven't been able to make it to a fabric store yet...probably the project for tuesday since the kids don't have school we may make a trip up to Bowling Green to stock up on a few more things.

Untill tomorrow....happy crafting

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