Productive Saturday

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Well it has been a productive day. I finished 3 projects today. Well ok one I finished yesterday but didn't get pictures till today. First I finished the special order cap from a customer on Etsy. Second I finished the afghan I was making and third I made a scarf and rose pin to go with it today. All in all I feel pretty good about today. Can't wait to start my next project.
Hope you were all as productive as I was in whatever you were doing today. :) Keep the comments coming I love seeing the feedback on my creations.

Happy Valentine's Day

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I wanted to wish all my wonderful blogland friends a Happy Valentine's Day. I hope you take that extra time to show the one's you love how you feel and how much you appreciate them today.

My DH has to work today 8 to 8 so we did our Valentine's last night. Now usually my hubby usually has a difficult time buying gifts for me, and this year I told him to make it simple. Here is what i received last night. I have to say I'm impressed, he even did the wrapping himself! I was very happy with what i got. He got me a book that i had been looking at for a while, the newest from J.K. Rowling. (yes I am a Harry fan), a little journal in my favorite color of purple, and of course chocolate, the good kind!
Now I feel bad because I didn't do any special wrappin on his, He got a cute card, a small box of chocolates, and a rain check for a supper and dessert of his choice. The boys got him a card and a bag of peanuts in the shell. (they had ulterior motives for that, they love eating them with daddy)

I also got another great early Valentine's present on Ebay. Yesterday my shop on etsy was Sneak Attacked. Here's a brief description of a Sneak Attack:

Wondering what a sneak attack is?Three days per week, an Etsy shop with few or no sales is chosen as a "victim,” and at a given time multiple buyers all visit the site and buy one or more items each, resulting in a whole slew of surprise business in a very short time. It’s a great way to give a big boost to a new Etsy shop!
Yep, I checked my email last night and had 4 sales in no time. I was sooo excited! Really made my day. Plus I had a special order request and I just finished another special order so that puts me up to 6 sales. I think that is pretty good considering sales have been slow for all etsians lately. So I will be packaging things up this weekend to send out on Tuesday when the post office opens up. How exciting!
Happy crafting to all, and enjoy your day!

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