Rainy Saturday

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Well, we woke up to clouds and rain today. A total blah day, but good day for some fabric cutting and laundry. The boys and I changed the sheets on all the beds today, and I have been workin on laundry most of the day. we decided to make it a pajama day, I let the boys stay in their pj's since we weren't going anywhere today.

I decided to finally figure out how i was going to put JJ's quilt together, and got the squares cut out, now to lay them out and sew the blocks together and then to sew the blocks into the quilt top. I can't wait, I am going to try and lay some out later and take a picture so everyone can get an idea of how I hope it will turn out. I also think I am going to make a couple of pillows to go with it for his bed. Those I will hopefully sew together tonight after ryan get's home and get stuffed. Again I will post pics when they are finished.

JJ and I went to the library yesterday for friday morning story telling and he got to meet up with a couple of his school mates and their mom and I got to have some chat time, we also checked out some books to read and a few for connor to read (by himself) which he was very excited about! It was a good morning and then lunch and McDonalds before we had to pick up Big brother.

Connor had a great week at school and so as a reward (which I had promised him) I bought tickets to the circus that will be here the weekend of the 23rd, now he has to keep up the good work so we can all go....I don't think that should be an issue.

I have been having a few views on my etsy store, which is exciting. I am trying to decide what to make next to list (once I have made a couple of sales :))

That's about it for today, time to watch a movie with the kids, I think we have The Goonies picked out...."Its a Booty Trap!"

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