Another great day and A GIVEAWAY

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Ok so it was another great day today. The morning was spent shopping with hubby and the boys, then home for about an hour and then we headed out to Uncle Doug's to go fishing. Connor was fishing right off the bat, no sooner did he sit down and daddy made the first cast and he caught a fish, then another, then another...4 fish in a row....then he decided he was bored so Yaya took over the pole and wham she caught a was just a good day, JJ caught fish, Papa caught fish, Daddy caught fish and even Mommy caught a couple of fish, but the big highlight was when Mommy (that is me) caught a whopper of a TURTLE, yep i said a turtle. A snappin turtle had popped his head up by my bobber and as his head went down, so did my bobber, so of course I thought he had hooked on, so I reeled him in. Now of course I had the fishing pole and not the camera in my hands so I look to my dad to take a pic, and he grabs his camera but the turtle got away before a pic could have been taken, I had hooked him in his back leg, but it was a consensus that he was the size of a go kart a fairly good sized turtle. I thought I would share some pics.....

Now I am sure that you are all wondering about the giveaway in my title, well that is right, I am gearing up for another giveaway. This Thursday I am joining my mom and her best friends for a girls day out and we are road tripping to some of the coolest places. Well while I am out and about with them I am going to pick up little things here and there to create a "share my visit home" basket that will be given away at the end of July. I will start the giveaway tomorrow, the first of July and it will go through the 30th of the month, Yes that is 30 days to enter. I will put all the info in how to earn entries into tomorrow's post. Plus as the month goes by I may even add more things to the basket as surprises! Keep checking back and let all your friends know!
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