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Yes we made it up to my folks house. At 5pm on Saturday evening to be exact. Now this was a fun trip! The boys got to ride along with the grandparents in their big trucks. Connor got to go with Papa on Friday and got to sleep in the truck Friday night with papa, they made it here Saturday at about 4pm. (papa had to deliver his load on Saturday) Yaya stayed the day with us on Friday, and then bright and early Saturday morning we took JJ up to the Flying J where yaya was and he got to ride with Yaya all the way back home. Daddy and I followed in the van with Samson (our dog). Such a nice peaceful ride for us. I read a book, which took up about 3 1/2 hrs of the 10hr ride, then I downloaded some free games to my Bberry, played those, took a nap, and then with about 3 hrs to go I was completely bored! With no movies goin for the kids, no constant talking or questions, not having to refill drinks or snacks i didn't have anything to do. Thankfully we made it and both boys were super excited to finally be at Yaya and Papa's house.

Sunday was a relaxing day around the house, mom and I went to town to get groceries and ran by Kmart to pick up a few things. The kids got to have a water gun fight with daddy and Papa. This is a tradition that Papa started a yr or two ago and each year it's a challenge to see who can show up with the biggest and best water gun. It is something the boys look forward to every year along with going fishing at Uncle Doug's and goin out to play and do smore's around Uncle Richard's fire.

Today we went out to Uncle Richard's, they got to see the ducks, chickens, roosters, bunny's and got to play with the swing set and tether ball. Mom showed me the Hollyhocks she planted there a few years ago, they are gorgeous and i got some great close up pics of the flowers. I will close out with a couple of pictures from Uncle Richard's. I will try to update things later in the week. I hope everyone is having a great day and enjoying their week.

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