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Good day! I wasn't sure what to entitle today's post. So I decided to show off some things I have just finished. The boys were extremely good for me this morning so I was able to get some of the oven towels i had sitting by the sewing machine done. I also got my stitchery done, the one I created the pattern for. I still need to get it framed, but would love your feedback on what you think of it. I plan on framing it with a frame made of old barn wood. I will post the finished pick when I have it done. The picture is actually lighter than what it is, I didn't have the greatest natural light since it's cloudy outside and had to use my flash.

Here is just a sample of what I got done, they are all available in my etsy shop though.

Mom and dad stopped by yesterday and took us to lunch and then spent the afternoon here with us just relaxing and enjoying the kids. Mom left me some osnaburg fabric to try my hand at the stitchery she has been can check them out at her blog Now I just have to find a pattern and see if I can do it. I love how hers have come out and hope that mine look even half as good. The boys absolutely had a blast while they were here and the girls got to run around a bit and let off some energy. Of course Samson was none to happy and seems to be recouping today...think he got overstressed yesterday cause he is just laying around today. Poor guy. Maybe letting them run around in his living room was a little too much for him. lol

I am also starting another shawl to put on the etsy store, can't wait to get it done, it is simple but trimmed with fun fur. I love that stuff. I think that will be what i work on this afternoon as I do laundry and other cleaning things. Ryan is workin on getting our windows weather proofed with the window insulating kits that we got at Lowes. Hopefully that will make a difference in our heating bill.

I also want to help promote my friends new etsy store. Village Peddler Graphics, she does fantastic work at a reasonable rate. She created both my blogger header and my etsy store header, she does other graphics as well. Check her new store out at

That seems to be about it for today. Stay warm and keep busy crafting!

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