Creative Thursday

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Well, it is Thursday and it's gonna be a busy day. JJ goes to school in about 30 minutes and then I am off to the store to pick up a few things and maybe the fabric next project i believe will be a christmas quilt for my bed, so I will be off to find all kinds of fat quarters to start that project. A rag quilt i believe will be made for that. I also need a couple of more things for costumes tomorrow....the boys can't wait.

My creative side has been kind of on the back burner the last few days, been so busy with boys, halloween, and JJ's bday party that I haven't had time to sit down and create, I also believe I am going to make the boys stockings this year....I just can't find exactly what i want at the stores so i think i will make them this year....big cool stockins that will last their lifetime.

Christmas shoppin is already underway in the wyattmills household, i am happy to say I am about half way done with it...always feels good, I hope to be all done by the end of November, then I can sit back, decorate and enjoy the season.

The boys are enjoying the guinea pigs, Alvin and Simon are settling in well. Alvin is definetly the more subdued of the two, Simon is still a bit skittish at first, but warms up to you. He doesn't like quick movements or loud noises so the boys are really workin on's fun, they will talk to each other and talk to you if you are feeding them, and they purr when they are content, I think mommie is having just as much fun with them as the boys.

Untill next time...Happy Halloween and happy crafting.

Another great giveaway

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I just had to put up a quick post, thanks to mom another giveaway has been found for a great toaster cover. visit and comment to be entered. Such a creative idea, I absolutely love it. May have to figure out my own giveaway once i get a bigger following. :)
Tomorrow will be a great day, both children are in school so I will hopefully have some quality time to work on creating things. I will be sure to post anything that i start or even finish, I can't wait.
Till then

Happy crafting!

Newest Additions

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Well it has been a full weekend. JJ is turning 4 this next sunday and after much discussion his daddy and I decided to take him to the pet store and see if he might like a guinea pig, he has been wanting another dog, but with mommy being the one who will take care of it the most we decided to go with something smaller. Plus samson just isn't keen on having any other doggy in the house.

So yesterday we drove up to Bowling Green and went to Petco, after lookin at a couple they had in the cages we were told that they had two for adoption, they had been surrendered, had been checked out by the vet and were ready to go. Plus adoption at petco is free. They brought them both out and we fell in love with them, one long hair and one short hair, they are very friendly and calm, we can definetly tell they have been played off we went to find everything we would need for them, cage, food, house, treats, toy, etc. JJ was so excited he could hardly contain himself, and on the way home the kids named them, we now have Alvin and Simon. The cat was very curious as you can see by the pictures but she quickly learned she isn't allowed near the cage..spray bottles are wonderful :). Samson also was curious but after a quick look and sniff he was no longer interested.
On the crafty/quilting side I took a break this weekend. but i just ordered some fabric for a quilt i am going to make for JJ's new big boy bed, I am so excited i found superhero fabric, spiderman, superman, batman, the hulk, and even the fantastic four and it was all on sale...i still need to find some reg colors before i start it, but a rag quilt is what I am going to make for him, i can't wait to get the fabric now...woohoo
Enjoy the pictures and i will post again soon.

Happy quilting!

More projects done

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Well it has been a productive day! I redid two of my living room pillows today and made something new, a gift card holder. It is so easy and cute, now of course I realized once I got them made that I don't have velcro tape to put on the flap, but you get the idea from the pictures. the holders can be used for a variety of things, business cards, credit cards, cash, etc, I just thought they were cute and may be my gifts for friends for christmas.

Untill my next day or my next project...Happy crafting and quilting

Quilt Top is Finished

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Well, it's done, i finished the quilt top i was workin on earlier tonight. Just wanted to post it for all to see, now I can't wait to get it quilted, i do need to find just the right shade of brown for the backing but that shouldn't be too long, now to decide what to work on next.

Field Trip Day and my Quilt Progression

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Well yesterday was Connor's first field trip with school, he got to ride the school bus and loved it! We went to the local pumpkin farm, called Bottom View Farms, they have a little old time town with a jail, a post office, barber shop, black smith, they have all kinds of animals, cows, texas long horns, horses, donkeys, llamas, buffalo, and a milking cow ( which they got to see milked by hand) they also have a greenhouse, a huge slide, merry go round, hay maze, a little trike race track, hay ride and a tractor pulled train ride, all the kids really had a blast and the hay ride takes you out to the pumpkin patch to pick your own pumpkin. Everyone gets a little pumpkin with the ride and then you can pick other bigger pumpkins for a price which is fairly reasonable of $4 per big pumpkin and $1 for each additional little pumpkin. They had lunch their in a big barn and everyone was on their best behavior. It was a very good experience but a very tiring one for all the adults. Jackson and I followed the bus out and went along for the trip and it was definetly a trip they will remember. The Sheriff is the tour guide for the field trip which the kids thought was great, of course I didn't get his picture, but he wears a holster, has his cowboy hat and boots and of course his sheriffs star....everyone their is so nice and really enjoys it when the kids visit. It is definetly a trip we take every year and will become a tradition that we all love to do.

On another note I am coming along with my quilt, I have included a couple of pictures of the progress of my blocks, I will hopefully get the rest of the blocks done today and start to piece it all together, that is always the most fun twisting and turning the blocks to get just the right look that i will love. It will end up being about a queen size quilt and I do still need to get the backing fabric but that shouldn't be too hard I hope :) And I am already tryin to decide what my next project is goin to be....I think I am becoming addicted, I may have to start selling some of these just to feed my addiction :)
It's almost time to take little bit to school so I will sign off for now, till I have the quilt complete Happy crafting to all!

Just Keepin Busy

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Well things have been busy around here the last day or so. Mom and Dad made it back home after visiting us and delivering their loads in Chicago. Jackson now wants to go to Yaya's house for the Kind of hard when it's a 10 hr drive each way, but one day we may get closer.

I finished my pillow finally as I posted before, I have included a picture of it, I'm happy with how it came out and now I am on to my quilt top, it seems to be goin pretty fast, the boys wanted to get involved so I gave them some of the scrap pieces to play with and last night they wanted them sewn together like mommies are so I put 4 pieces together for each of them and they thought that was so cool, they are proud of the fact they picked the pieces out themselves, I have posted a pic of that as well. I hope to have my quilt top done this weekend, it's a pattern called Turning Twenty again by Tricia Cribbs, only takes 20 fat quarters....the most time consuming part has been to cut the fabric....that took most of Thursday afternoon, yesterday i put together most of the block parts and today i hope to get all the blocks together, then i just have to sew the rows together and that will be it, besides the binding and quilting of course....I am still searching for someone in my area that can quilt them for me as I have another quilt that is ready to be quilted.

We also got JJ's new big boy bed, he absolutely loves it!! I have been workin on his bday party as he turns 4 on Nov 2nd, he wants a spiderman birthday so I made the invitations yesterday, am searching for the type of cake I want made for him. I have a few ideas for games for the kids to play and am trying to think of some little things I can make for them to take home as favors. He is totally into Marvel superheros so Ryan found a couple posters at Wal Mart that we are gonna get and frame for his room, I am also going to try and find some fabric to make a quilt for his bed too. The big thing I think we are going to get him a Guinea Pig for his birthday, he loves Yaya's puppies and keeps talkin about how yaya has two doggies and we only have I am taking yaya's suggestion and going to search for a guinea pig, a good starter pet for him to help take care of and play with.

Not much planned this weekend, daddy has to work today and it's gloomy outside so I think we may stay in and craft and play. I need to sit down and do next weeks menu so I can get my grocery list together. Other than that it will hopefully be a creatively productive weekend. Till next time....Happy Crafting


Cool Fun and Quilt contest

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Well, my parents and the girls stopped over for their 36 hr break this week and the boys absolutely loved it and I got my pillow finally finished thanks to a couple of tips from my mom! Samson was not too excited to see the girls though...he stayed in his living room or the back of the couch in the boys' living room for most of the stay...basically as far away from the girls as he could get, it was soo funny. Of course the boys had to show off to yaya and papa how they can ride their bikes! They are so proud of themselves for are daddy and I.

I am on to my next project and quilt made out of 20 fat quarters, an easy and simple project and something to do on a rainy day. Speakin of quilts, want a chance to win one? check out, she is giving away a free quilt, you still have time to sign up, it ends Oct 17th! What a creative quilt it is too! Good luck to all.

I will post pics later of my pillow and other crafty stuff. Time to get back to cutting the pieces for the quilt.

Happy crafting!


Columbus Day Break

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It has been a bit since i have posted. The days go by so fast, it's hard to believe it. Connor is doing great in school, no major issues so far this month, and today i have parent/teacher conference with his teacher, I expect a good talk today. He has finished his behavior progress puzzle and chose a CD to download yesterday, he was so excited. Now he wants to to a puzzle of a picture of himself, JJ, and YaYa in her truck..we will have to work on getting that taken the next time mom and dad stop by. :)
I am almost finished with my pink scarf and have started another project, with the economy as it is, money is a little tighter and i wanted to redo the pillows i have in my living room so I am going to make new pillow covers for them, the first i am workin on is a stitched pillow cover, i have included pictures, i combined 4 patterns that my mom sent me, i thought that they would cover most seasons so i could keep it out year round, i am not sure what i am going to do for the others yet, I have about 4 i need to do, i also still need to figure out what fabric to use for the back...that will come once I have the stitching done.
I believe the boys and i are going to make pumpkin bars today with homemade cream cheese frosting...i am excited about it and they love to help add ingredients and was the dishes...we also have bird houses to paint on this Columbus day weekend...i need to find a few more projects to do though, ideas are always welcome.

Connor has started his Christmas list for Santa already, it is so fun to hear all the things he can think of that he wants, he wants a real mp3 player, a cars alarm clock, a new lamp for his room, among many other Santa will be busy this year.
That is about it for now, time for more coffee for this Mommy and to start planning next weeks menu so I can get my grocery list ready.
Until next time, keep crafting!!

It's Fall!!!

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Yes that's right, It's October 2nd and I believe it is officially fall, at a whopping 40 degrees when we woke up and a forecast of 71 degrees at the warmest today. I love this time of year, cooler weather, sweatshirts, cute sweaters, jeans and light jackets. I have so many more cute fall/winter clothes than i do for summer. Also the colors are just an inspiration for crafting, browns, oranges, deep purples, red's and maroon's, gold, etc. The colors of Harvest are so fun to work with I don't know where to start. I am currently working on a pink and white fun fur scarf in honor of breast cancer awareness month. I have included a picture of my progress so far, now my camera doesn't capture the color that well, but you can get the idea.

Also with fall there are falling leaves and in our back yard falling chesnuts. We have two chestnut trees that haven't produced since we moved in 3 yrs ago and this year we have an over abundance of chestnuts. now if you know chestnuts you know the outer casing for them are spiney and prickley, my boys call them porcipines....well as we were outside yesterday i saw that once again the ground around their swingset was covered, but as they had tennis shoes on they didn't seem to be bothered by it....till JJ fell down, I didn't see exactly where but he came to me saying his knee really really really hurt, so we pulled the leg of his pants up and sure enough he had landed on one of those casings and had little prickers stuck in his knee...6 total...poor thing, I pulled them out, set him on a chair and proceeded to go rake up as much of them as i I have also included a picture of his knee this am, he wanted to document it for yaya. :)

Also we recently purchased a Wii and a Wii Fit board and game...I had talkd to a friend who got it and said she loved it, didnt' even feel like working out. Well the main system also came with sports games, tennis, baseball, golf, bowling, and boxing. Ryan and I decided to try out bowlin the first night we had it and had a blast, we also tried tennis...which i am not so good at and then golf which was pretty fun. Well within a game Connor was imitating what we were doing with bowling so he wanted to try, i made a deal with him that if he had a good day at school the next day i would let him play for 30 min, needless to say he had a good day at school, so after putting JJ down for a nap we fired up the Wii and played...and let me say he is good! almost beat me at bowling, we tried golf..which he didn't care for and baseball which he thought was fun...i believe that for his stocking this year we will be getting him his own Wii I also did the Wii fit the night we got it and is great fun and a good workout, it has yoga, aerobics, balance, strength training. So far i have done yoga, aerobics and balance....I am not so good at balance, but need to practice, but i LOVE the yoga and aerobics, I can def see staying with it.

I am down 25 lbs so far since i started attempting to lose weight about 3 months ago and would love to take off another 25 so wish me luck!

Till next time.....get out and enjoy this weather and the wonderful colors.


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