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Well, I can't believe it's been over a week since I have posted. So much has gone on, my mom and dad made it in last Tuesday and we had a great visit, the boys enjoyed having their yaya and papa here...Christmas eve was spent playing, making cookies and preparing for Santa to come and of course he did, just take a look at the loot he left for the boys.

And of course they got up, went out and had to tell everyone "he's been here" and the opening of stockings and presents ensued...didn't take them long to destroy the living room with their excitement....
JJ got a guitar from papa that he absolutely loves and keeps with him at most times during the day....
Connor got so much stuff he doesn't really know what his favorite is. He got his new Vsmile that is like a Nintendo DS, but he also got his own MP3 player and the new Tag Reader, those seem to be his current favorites

It was a great day, then of course Mom started christmas dinner, Ham, turkey, green bean casserole, scallop corn, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and gravy, and stuffing....I love when mom comes, she just takes over the kitchen. Pumpkin Pie was there as well, can't have Christmas without it.

Mom and I also got some crafting done, she gave me this great kit for a rag rug that she got at and it is so easy and so fast to do, we got it done in pretty much a I am addicted to is the one I did. It sits in my kitchen in front of my sink, I meant to get a picture of what mom made, but didn't get around to it.We then of course had to go out and get more fabric to make another one, I will get a picture of my second one sometime today and post it later.

While they were here, mom and I did do some shopping, of course I had to go pick up more supplies for our litter of guinea pigs, they are growing by leaps and bounds...we got them separated we have 3 girls and 3 boys. I have decided we are keeping one of the baby boys and the daddy and will be finding good homes for the others once they are officially able to be, which is 7 weeks old, about 3 weeks from is a couple of pictures of everyone

Mom also helped me pick out a backing fabric for the quilt top i finished while she was here, so now I think today I will be putting it together and pining it so that I can tie it together, i believe that will be my next project to do, then i will just have to bind it and it will be done and I can start to figure out the design for JJ's quilt which I have had the fabric for forever.

Oh and I almost forgot, I won a drawing on one of the blogs that I follow, Quilter Taffy, I won their fabric giveaway they had before christmas and received 4 fat quarters of the cutest fabric, I now have to figure out what to make with it. They are just a wonderful array of spring can see them here... I haven't gotten a picture of them yet...i will once I decide what I am going to make with them.

On the DH side of things, he and my dad did some minor remodeling for me while mom and dad were here, they moved my big freezer out of the house out onto the back porch and then switched out the built in dishwasher we had in the kitchen for one ryan and I had when we moved down here 3 yrs ago, yay! here is a in process picture

and Yesterday was DH's 40th Bday and so we made it a lazy day for him, no to do list yesterday..hehe and he got two cards and a couple of magazines, one of course focused on his favorite nascar driver Tony Stewart, the other two were a woodworking magazine with a very cool dresser pattern in it (hint hint) and a handy man magazine with energy saving tips....and I gave him a certificate good for a 100 dollar shopping spree good at a home improvement store of his choice....(cause i don't know what tools and such he would want) I made a cake and he got his choice for supper, he started out wanting lasagna, but decided on papa john's pizza instead. It was a fun day with the family.

Today I believe we are going to be going to Lowes so that Dh can cash in his certificate and doing some grocery shopping and then just laundry, crafting and such....I hope everyone had as wonderful a holiday as I did. I will post again when I have more stuff to show :)

Happy Crafting to all!

Baby, its cold outside....

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As I got up this morning and looked outside at the thermometer all I could think of is that wonderful Christmas song "Baby it's cold outside" Our thermometer read 5 degrees and the news informed me the wind chill is -8.....brrr. considering the normal for TN is in the 50's, our high of 27 is not going to be very warm. This is not one of my favorite times of year, with the drafts in our house it will be a constant struggle to keep it Dear hubby hasn't gotten to all the windows to caulk the outsides yet and he hasn't been able to look at the fireplace to see if he can fix the flu so we can seal it off for now....but space heaters, warm clothing, and blankets seem to take care of things....gets me motivated to get the rest of my blanket projects done.

Yesterday was a very productive day. DH took it upon himself to self motivate...woot...he cleaned and organized our back porch (which i have been hinting at for a while) so that we can now move our big full size freezer from my dining room to the back porch, and so that i have a clear pathway to the washer and dryer out there, he even swept the floor, put his tools away, and put down all the misc. rugs we had out there to keep the floor from not being sooo cold.( we don't have heat on our porch) I really wish I had a before picture so that I you could show you the major difference, though I am sure my mom will notice it. :) Then on top of that while i was doin the inside cleaning , you know that deep down scrub the bathroom floor cleaning, he did the laundry for me...wash, dry and folded.

The boys are patiently waiting for Santa and playing well with each other, in our cleaning yesterday Ryan and I found two of our really old cell phones and gave them to the boys to play's amazing to see what all they come up with. They have called their yaya and papa, sent txt messages and pictures to them, used them as walkie talkies and even as "rescue" computers (Like on diego). Such active imaginations....and it shows you don't have to buy the newest and best toys for kids to have fun. Today I have only the kitchen to finish up, putting away the dishes and cleaning the stove and maybe the floors if the boys work with me enough....and then I will have things ready for when the parents show up. We can't wait!

Till later, everyone stay warm and have a good day!

Preparing for Company

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So, today was pretty much a lazy day spent with the kids. We did get one big project done, we went through all their toys, weeding out the one's they don't play with so that they have room for whatever Santa may bring. then we pretty much spent the rest of the day watching christmas or movies the kids wanted to watch. Spy Kids, Journey to the Center of the Earth, holiday disney shows, etc, etc. Tomorrow gets to be our cleaning day, bathroom, kitchen, sewing area, and the rest of the laundry. We are in our pre grandparents holiday visit cleaning..hehe

Yaya and Papa are scheduled to arrive sometime on tuesday and the kids just can't wait, they get to spend 4 days with us and then will be back on the road again. No major plans other than cookie day...sugar cookies, snickerdoodles, peanut butter cookies and oatmeal raisin...something for everyone and a great selection for santa to pick from.

I hope to get a few more things done craft wise. and of course some quality time with the 'rents. Hope everyone is having a great holiday season, and traveling safely to your holiday destinations.

Rain Rain Go Away

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As I sit here cuddled up on the couch with my 4 yr old, his spiderman toy, Scooby Doo look and find bood, the dog, his toy and the cat and watching Max and Ruby on nickelodean, I look out the window at another dreary, rainy, cold day and think of the song we used to sing when i was little "rain rain go away, come back another day" and think it's perfect for today. we are on day 3 of this ucky weather, of not being able to get fully warm, becuase its that damp cold that gets into your bones and is soo hard to get completely warm.

Ok so it may be the cold meds rambling I do feel a bit better today, i did at least sleep through the night last night. And feel the need to do some sewing today...once I get warm that is..teehee I need to come up with a present for Connor's teacher...not sure what i'm gonna do yet, but it will be homemade for sure. I also have to get the BBQ little smokies goin in the crockpot at lunchtime or so for Connor's christmas party at Karate class tonight...I honestly can't wait for Connor to be done with school..which is tomorrow...have a couple weeks to just hang out with the kids, no running here and there....or at least not as Making fun stuff at home, we have some bird houses that I think we are going to paint over the holiday break.

well I suppose i should get motivated....maybe... till later Everyone Stay Warm

Just a Quick Note

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Well it was not a very eventful day, I did not sleep well at all last night, been having sinus issues so hubby suggested i try the MucinexD his doctor told him to use for his sinuses...needless to say i was awake every 20min and tossed and turned all more of that stuff for me. I'm goin back to my sudafed pm at night and tylenol cold during the day. Just hope this doesn't turn into a sinus infection, my ears are already itching like crazy and are stuffy. So of course I go no sewing done...I did get dishes done and My mom and dad stopped at the Flying J just a few miles from us for their night on their haul back home and were here in time for us to go have supper with them...boy were the boys surprised and they can't wait for them to come for christmas next week.
Honestly neither can I, I always get so much more sewing and crafting done when I am with my mom, she inspires me and gives me hints i wouldn't think of.
But for tonight it's medicine time and hopefully a good night sleep.

Stay Warm

Ice Day

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Well that's what I call them here since we don't actually have snow and the kids are off from school once again. We had pretty icy roads this morning so when my alarm went off at 5:30am I turned the news on in the bedroom, saw that school was closed, turned the TV back off, shut my alarm off and went back to sleep! LOL at least until oh let's see the kids let me sleep till 7am, which was really good. Then breakfast and getting warm under the blankets on the couch. Once i was warm and had had my coffee, i decided it was time to work on my blanket for Connor's karate teacher since the Christmas party there is Thursday....I have to say it's not my best work, but for working with Minky fabric for the first time I don't think it's too it is.

Once that was finished, I decided to try working with it again since I had some left over. The office manager at the Karate Studio and his wife just had a baby girl, so I thought why not make her a Diva "lovie" blanket, something small she can learn to grasp onto, so here is my attempt at that....I think it turned out well, a little leopard print for the fashionista inside and some bold burgundy trim....

So that has been my projects for the day. .This now means I can get back to my Christmas fabric quilt tomorrow...hopefully :) With the parents coming in next week, the next few days may be spent cleaning and making sure that there isn't anything on the floors that the girls (that would be my mom's dogs) can get into....It is now that time of day to think about supper, I believe I am going to try out a new casserole recipe that i have for a taco bake casserole. Sounds good, looks easy, we'll see if the troops like it.

Till next time...Stay warm and happy crafting.

Guinea Pig growth

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Well, not much done today. Got my kitchen rearranged food wise and organized, then went grocery shopping, cute my list a bit once I realized I had a lot of the basics i am gonna need for suppers this week. Connorman came with me and was my helper, keepin track of what i needed and what we had gotten from my list. And as his reward he got to get two packages of Soft Mint sticks. (only 88 cents a piece) for him and JJ. Meanwhile JJ stayed at home and got to help Daddy outside clean up the back yard and deck and fix the merry go round we have outside for decoration. It was a fun day for the boys, overall they did very well playing together, I was quite impressed. If they could only do that on a more regular basis.

I took some pictures of the guinea pigs to show their growth progress in just a weeks time. 2 more weeks and we have to separate the boys from the girls, we haven't figured out the sex on all of them, but I think its gonna be hard to decide who we keep out of all of them since we need to have two of the same sex.. :( They are all so cute.

Tomorrow I am going to attempt to sew the minky fabric onto the back of the quilt I made for Connor's Karate teacher, I am kind of excited about it. If it works out well, then I will hopefully get the rest of the blocks put together for the christmas quilt. I may also have enough fabric left over to make a small "lovey" blanket for someone or even a little stuffed animal if I can find a simple pattern.

That's about it for now...till tomorrow sometime.

Another post

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Well, I know i posted just a bit ago, but i am postponing doing an inventory of our cupboards, it needs to be done but....ack and Iwanted to post the pictures of the boys and their paper chain, they are so proud of it! Doesn't it add just that finishing touch to the tree? lol We may do more ornaments as the days go on as Connor's last day of school is this next friday.

Think i may wait till Daddy gets home to do the food inventory then i can get him and the boys settled into a game of chutes and ladders so I can do my inventory in peace....well sort of..hehe

A Nostalgic Day

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Well, since Jenn got me all reminiscent about disney movies with her post about Bedknobs and Broomsticks, I had to go and find out the actual name of one my most favorite movies that my mom and I used to just call The Yellow House....well in all actuality it is called Summer Magic and stars Hayley Mills and Burle Ives. I could have watched this over and over and over as I was growing up and actually prob still could. As well as Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Mary Poppins, The Parent Trap (the original with Hayley Mills)and many others. Really makes me want to dig out a VCR (if we even still have one) and have a Disney Movie Marathon day with the boys, since school was cancelled today, yep I said it, no school today..and the funny thing is, we have NO snow....just ice on the secondary you guessed it. The joys of living in Tennessee.

Today has been cleaning day, some laundry is done, our main living room is pretty much clean, and the kitchen is almost done. I have chili in the crock pot for supper. Over all a pretty productive morning. I still have lots to do. I need to clean the sewing/guinea pig living room and reorganize my fabric and my projects, and of course the dreaded cleanin of the boys' toy room, or should i say supervision of the cleaning. We are trying out a new rule in the house, you can bring a toy out, but must put it away before getting something else, if there are any toys out at bedtime mommy takes them away. We are also going to weed through the toys they have and give away what they don't play with anymore. Gotta make room for all the cool stuff Santa is going to hopefully bring.

Today is just a play day for the boys. I think we will make paper chains for the christmas tree later...I have found the construction paper and glue sticks, so that will be the after lunch project to work on. And finally I have to go through our food and make a grocery list, figure out what we really really need for the trip to the store tomorrow. I got a new casserole recipe book so am going to see what i have for a couple of those for next week. I also have to get a present for Connor to take to school for his party next friday, thank goodness it has a limit of 5 dollars. I'm thinking a couple coloring books and a box of crayons. I also think that we are going to upgrade the boys to the big box of 64 crayons for christmas stockings. Those are pretty cheap at the dollar store.

Think that's it for now...maybe i'll get some sewing in on my quilt as well....we will have to see.

Stay warm and happy crafting!

JJ is our Singing Star

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Well fresh home from the program, It was a success. I just wanted to make a quick post so that yaya would be able to see the pics. I also included one of Connor waiting before the program And oh yes Santa made a surprise visit.

Crazy Tuesday

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Well it is Crazy Tuesday around the house, I had the morning to myself since both boys were in school, I finished up my laundry and went through my closet, if it was too big or I hadn't worn it in over a year I got rid of I have so much room now I can hang up the actual shirts I do wear. Then it was dishes time...needed to clean up the kitchen as I have two dozen brownies to make for JJ's program tonight. Then I decided to get some pre-sewing stuffs done for some of the jean apron's i'm making. I have one done, and 3 more ready to sew the bottoms of and make the belt. Then all of the sudden it was time to pick up the kids. I mean where did the morning go??

On the guinea pig front, all are doing well, the kids and I have named 3 of the six. We have ratatoulie, checkers, and bear. Still tryin to figure out the's a slow process with the kids.

JJ's program is tonight so I am sure I will be posting pictures tomorrow of the little tike. I just hope he actually sings, he definetly knows all the motions, but never seems to want to sing for me when we practice at home. Daddy is on his way home now so he can come as well. And help me get everyone ready to go when it's that time.

So that is my Crazy Tuesday....whew and it's only 2:30pm hehe

Lazy Sunday

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Well, it has been a lazy Sunday at our house. A little bit of laundry is all that got done at my house today. We played with the babies a bit...just getting them used to my smell and letting the boys pet them...they are fast little buggers so the holding of them is restricted to mommy only. They are all doin well, already eating hay and yummies....they come out completely developed and able to eat guinea food along with momma's milk. It's pretty amazing.
Supper has been made and eaten and we are all settling down for a movie. I did make some puppy chow today and boy is it yummy. It was kinda funny, hubby looked at me like I was crazy when I told him what i was making until he tasted it....then he changed his mind.

Not much else going on here...gettin ready for another week of school, and a christmas program on tuesday night.

Happy crafting.

Newest Additions

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Well, mama guinea had her babies yesterday. We have 6 little ones now, for a total of 8, yes I said 8 guinea pigs. She had quite an assortment of colors, I haven't verified sexes yet, but will prob do that next week. Little ones go in to see the vet next week for a well check just to make sure everything is good. Mama and babies seem to be doing fine and Daddy just can't understand why he can't get to We took Daddy out of his cage last night to give him some one on one attention....see the pictures above...Samson seemed to have missed his little buddy. One of the little ones has already been named Ratatoulie (or however you spell it) cause he looks most like a rat, all white body and grayish head...not sure if you can pick him out, but I tried to get good pictures of the family.

Sewing front hasn't been too productive lately, the boys have been extremely active today so I haven't had the chance to sit down and sew, hopefully when JJ takes a nap I can get back to my quilt blocks for the xmas quilt.

I have been playing with my camera and love it! I have posted a few pictures, i just love how good of pictures it takes and how much I can control the light, focus and total content. Hopefully i can get some good family pics this weekend or next.

It is soo cold out, i hate this kind of weather, we dont' have snow, but it's that biting cold you just can't get out of your bones. I am going to try and get some pictures of the lights on the house tonight if it isn't too horrible out.

Till later...happy crafting..and hope everyone stays warm.

More Giveaways...YAY

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Well, I love that it's giveaway season. Mumovearls over at is giving away a great glitter Santa portrait she made. Such a great artist and wonderful idea. Hop on over for your chance to win. And the girls over at Quilt Taffy are giving away two great magazines in their holiday editions at so sign up and cross your fingers.
Today I plan to work on my christmas quilt and play with my new camera. It's my christmas gift to myself, I have been saving up (ryan was totally unaware) for it for almost a year now. And right when I was close to having enough, sure enough I found it on sale...yay! So now I am having fun with it, learning all it can do....It's a Nikon D40, kind of a beginner digital SLR, combines the digital camera with the old 35mm that I learned photography on at Western Illinois University at one of my College for Kids things. I am so excited and hope to get family pictures with it. I will post some when I am happy with the outcome.

Till later.

Whatcha Workin on Wednesday

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Well I'm not workin on it as of right now (till the backing comes in) but I have finished the quilt top for Connor's Karate's not my best piece, but considering I "designed" it on my own I don't think it's too bad for a first try. I can see the little mistakes that I made as I am sure most experienced sewers can prob see, but I hope that they won't be as obvious to Mr. Kirby....:) I now await the arrival of the minky to sew on for backing and then it will be finished.

Now i have my christmas blocks to finish....i will probably work on those a little later....maybe. After seeing this top finished, my quilt confidence is kinda on the low side..Anyway, Connor is doin well so far this week, the two days he has gone he has had great days.

I have finished the fourth and last book in the Twilight series, and now will be sending them off to Jenn up in Chicago....hope she enjoys them as much as I did.

That seems to be it for now

Happy crafting to all!

First Snow Day for kids

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Yes I said it, it is the first snow day for the kids. Because of pictures shown here. It is a balmy 27 degrees outside and we have a slight dusting of snow. So both the boys have the day off from school, and both are highly dissappointed. So we are going to make puppy chow today. (that is chex cereal covered with peanut buttery chocolate and powdered sugar) YUM.

I am also going to try and get my blocks done for my christmas quilt, if the boys will cooperate with me. I am sure I will blog more later as I get things done.

Oh and I got the final book in the series that I have been reading so that my get started tonight..I am so excited to see how the story ends.

Till Later

Updates and Quilt Progress

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Well, still no babies, but i have included a picture of the mama, she holes up in her little igloo most days...poor thing just roots till her belly can be on the very bottom of her cage as you can see. I also posted a pic of our Thanksgiving day table, I was pretty proud of myself, everything came out great.

Also is a pic of the progress of the quilt for Connor's Karate teacher, I have two more squares to stitch but am waiting on a list of names from his class so that I can make sure everyone is represented in some way, then I will put the border on, which is the material that I have in the picture and then of course the minky which I will be ordering today. so since that is on a stand still for now, I think I will start working on the blocks for my Christmas quilt....after I clean the kitchen though...we did so much cooking and baking that I still don't have it all soon as it was clean I made something else...its a never ending viscous cycle. If I could have a kitchen elf to clean just the kitchen I would be a very very happy mama.

Well it's back to school today for Connor, we have snow spitting down here and are suppose to get 1/2 inch. As I watched the news this morning half of the counties around us had already canceled school. Which only made me laugh, growing up unless we were getting a foot of snow or the roads were impassible we had school, I guess they just aren't as prepared here in Tennessee as we were in Illinois. So funny.

Well that's it for now, off to clean so that I can sew.

Happy crafting for all.

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