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Well things have been busy around here the last day or so. Mom and Dad made it back home after visiting us and delivering their loads in Chicago. Jackson now wants to go to Yaya's house for the weekend...lol Kind of hard when it's a 10 hr drive each way, but one day we may get closer.

I finished my pillow finally as I posted before, I have included a picture of it, I'm happy with how it came out and now I am on to my quilt top, it seems to be goin pretty fast, the boys wanted to get involved so I gave them some of the scrap pieces to play with and last night they wanted them sewn together like mommies are so I put 4 pieces together for each of them and they thought that was so cool, they are proud of the fact they picked the pieces out themselves, I have posted a pic of that as well. I hope to have my quilt top done this weekend, it's a pattern called Turning Twenty again by Tricia Cribbs, only takes 20 fat quarters....the most time consuming part has been to cut the fabric....that took most of Thursday afternoon, yesterday i put together most of the block parts and today i hope to get all the blocks together, then i just have to sew the rows together and that will be it, besides the binding and quilting of course....I am still searching for someone in my area that can quilt them for me as I have another quilt that is ready to be quilted.

We also got JJ's new big boy bed, he absolutely loves it!! I have been workin on his bday party as he turns 4 on Nov 2nd, he wants a spiderman birthday so I made the invitations yesterday, am searching for the type of cake I want made for him. I have a few ideas for games for the kids to play and am trying to think of some little things I can make for them to take home as favors. He is totally into Marvel superheros so Ryan found a couple posters at Wal Mart that we are gonna get and frame for his room, I am also going to try and find some fabric to make a quilt for his bed too. The big thing I think we are going to get him a Guinea Pig for his birthday, he loves Yaya's puppies and keeps talkin about how yaya has two doggies and we only have one.....so I am taking yaya's suggestion and going to search for a guinea pig, a good starter pet for him to help take care of and play with.

Not much planned this weekend, daddy has to work today and it's gloomy outside so I think we may stay in and craft and play. I need to sit down and do next weeks menu so I can get my grocery list together. Other than that it will hopefully be a creatively productive weekend. Till next time....Happy Crafting


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