Quilt in Progress

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Well I thought I would update everyone on my quilt progress. The top is pretty much finished, I have decided though after getting it done i do want to do a small border around the edge so I will be making a trip to the fabric store tomorrow, I also have to get a little more fabric to make the backing and pick up the batting for it, but hopefully i will get a good chunk of that done tomorrow.

I think I am going to start on another shawl tonight, something to relax me and wind me down from the day, though it hasn't been stressful at all, the boys have played together wonderfully, currently they are playing special agent...they created little intercoms out of playdough and now go by Agent C and Agent J and are on the lookout for fires to put out and spies to catch....what imagination and creativity they have when they are cooperating together....

Not a very exciting day, but a productive one I must say.

Oh and mom if you read this...safe travels and don't forget to send postcards!

Lost Teeth and Quilt started

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Well today started out kind of slow. Up and around, taking Connor to school then back home and checking email and etsy. Then I decided to get into gear and set out JJ's quilt and arrange it how I wanted it so I could get started sewing it. This is the design I came up with. I think it will work great for his bed, I have two rows sewn already and my goal is to get the whole top sewn together this weekend.

Then I actually got to take a nap today, i was really tired and decided to lay down about 11:30 this morning, figured that would give me an hr and a half before I had to get Connor from school, well Ryan was so sweet, he let me sleep and went and picked Connor up for me, I got up about 1:30 and feel soo much better!

Today was the 100th day of school for Connor so they did all kinds of activities with the number 100 and he even came home with a crown they made with 100 Days of school on it. Well shortly after JJ went down for a nap Connor came over to show me his loose tooth, yep it was ready to come out...I tried to pull it, but he said it hurt so I told him to work it with his tongue, while I went to make his tooth fairy pillow...shortly after he came running in..the tooth was gone! Well he must have swallowed it cause we couldn't find it anywhere...lol. So I continued to make the pillow, told him we could take a picture to show the tooth fairy and she would still leave him something for it. About 20 minutes later Ryan walks in and gives me a tooth, I figured he had found it...nope, Connor lost another tooth. So two teeth in one day, i sure hope the tooth fairy has her pocketbook with her. He was so excited, he hasn't tried to eat anything yet...can't wait till supper.

So that was the excitement for the day, I posted a couple of pictures of Connor as well, and he wanted to post the pillow...not bad for whipping it together in like 30 minutes today.
Hope everyone is warm and creative and will post again sometime this weekend.

New Header

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As you can see I have a new header. I opened my email this evening and Surprise, my friend Jen had sent me this wonderful blog header as a surprise. I LOVE it! I was just thinking I needed to change it up for Valentines Day.

Well the boys finally went back to school today. Connor and JJ were both really excited to get to go learn and play with their friends, Ryan had another day off and actually will be home till next Monday. His office in owensboro is without power. We got quite a bit done today, clean, dusting, laundry, dishes, cleaned out some cupboards in the kitchen, etc. I also found some more yarn when i was cleaning so that means more crochet projects. Yay! Think I will start another one tomorrow.

Well, today's blog is a bit boring, but don't forget to enter my giveaway two posts below! I will hopefully have some project updates tomorrow.

Samson Snores

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Yes as I sit here in my chair, my dog Samson is on the couch across the room with my husband and he is snoring, loudly. Brings to mind all those pictures you see where owners look like their dogs or vice versa. Well Samson sounds like Ryan or vice versa...lol

Well we received more sleet, rain and even some snow today. So yes that meant another day off from school here in Tennessee and another day off for my hubby. We actually know that Ryan will be home tomorrow as well, they are expecting more bad weather up where he works at in Kentucky. As for our schools I think they will finally be back in session.

Didn't do much today, a load of laundry, some dishes, made a trip to Walmart for groceries and that was it. Spaghetti for supper and nice bath. I hope to get some stitcheries traced on muslin tomorrow and from there not sure. I have been leaning more towards crochet lately cause it is so relaxing and something that i can sit and do at night while we watch a movie or Connor sits and reads to me. (his version of the stories lol)

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Just as I promised I am having a giveaway! In this giveaway you will receive a hand crocheted scarf, a jar of my White Chocolate hot chocolate mix, and this sweet stitchery. How do you enter you ask, well leave me a comment that gets you 1 entry. Follow my blog, that gets you 4 entries, and blog about my giveaway that gets you 5 more entries, please let me know in your comments if you are blogging about me. For a total of 10 possible entries. The drawing will be held Feb 8th. . So spread the word and good luck

Also check out these other giveaways that are out there.
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De over at http://itsaboutannie.blogspot.com/ is giving away the cutest Annie doll, you have till Feb 1st to enter. But don't get your luck up as she will be joining my house I am sure :)

Also if you are having a giveaway, leave a comment and I would love to add you to the list!

So have fun and good luck to all!

Icy Tuesday

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Well we woke up to ice covering everything this morning. Of course school was cancelled and Ryan's boss even called and told him not to attempt to make it in. The interstates were ok, but bridges and side roads were iffy. And then at 6:30 as we were sitting in the living room watching the news we heard, crash, bang, crunch right above us. So we run outside and about 1/2 of the branches and the very tip of our big pine tree by the house had fallen onto the roof and all around. No damage other then bending the cover on the chimney but we had branches layin on the power lines coming into the house. We still had power thank goodness. So a phone call was made the the electric company and within an hr the tree cutting guys were here. The removed the fallen branches and even trimmed a few more branches from the tree that could possibly cause more problems if the ice got worse on them. So now we have a lopsided tree. We were advised that the tree should probably be cut down as it is leaning more towards the house now or at least get a rope to it and anchor it the other way. We decided that we will have it cut down as soon as we can afford it. So my next to do once the weather has passed is to get a quote on what that will cost. So it was a very exciting start to the day :) I have included some pictures, on one you can see the ice cycles on the truck that was here, those formed just while they were at our house. But we didn't get it nearly as bad as those north and west of us in Kentucky. Many people up in the Bowling Green area are without power.

On the crafting front, I decided I needed to make something to keep all my crochet hooks in as I seem to be always hunting for the right one, so I sat down and made this...i need to get some ribbon for it so I can roll it up and tie it up. i was pretty happy with how it came out. And I will be posting my giveaway today. Make sure to tell all your friends!

Until later, stay warm.

Weekend Update

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Well Saturday was Circus Day! And it was a grand day for sure. The boys were absolutely awe struck at the Circus, from the performing dogs, horsed, tigers, and elephants to the high wire acts, trapeze artists and the multiple other acts they crammed into 2 1/3 hrs. I believe the motorcycles in the steel cage was Connor's favorite. Besides the Cotton Candy and Funnel Cake of course.They had up to 7 in that spherical cage at once. Definitely a lot of talent at the Circus. Connor keeps saying the Circus...the greatest show on earth. Think we may have to make this a yearly tradition. We had good seats, there really isn't a bad seat at the Sommet Center.

The rest of the weekend was a relaxing weekend. Laundry, cooking, playing. I did get a little bit of crafting done. I have entered a valentine's contest on etsy forums. Each seller enters one item and then we all win something...a fun way to see more crafters and get something in return. You can find the thread here if you are interested..http://www.etsy.com/forums_thread.php?thread_id=6008581 Also if you just post on the thread you can win a cute set of bug crayons made by Elizabear, you can visit her store at http://www.elizabear.etsy.com/. Here is a picture of what I entered.

I am just finishing up a few things for my giveaway. I will be posting it later today. I am so excited and hope you all are too! Until later....happy crafting.

Finish It up Friday

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Well it is gorgeous here. Sun is shining, mild breeze, and 60 degrees!!! Though it won't last long, tomorrow is back to 40 degrees. Hopefully not too much wind, cause we will have to walk about 3 blocks to the circus with the kids. Yep less than 24 hrs till Circus time.

Well I did get my two stitchery done and framed today. They are pictured above and available in my etsy store. http://www.primitivejunkie.etsy.com/. Take a look, I have a few other things available in there as well. Now to figure out what to do next. I still need to try the stitching on osnaburg that my mom showed me. Just haven't found a pattern that jumps out at me.

Connor also found a lady bug in the house last night. I tried to get a good picture of it, but kinda hard to get a picture of something so small. Ryan thought he remembered something about having luck if you found a lady bug in your house. Let's hope that's true!!

On the etsy side of things I have joined a group that is doing something pretty cool. It's a contest to win a $20 gift certificate to one of 50 stores. The link to the thread is here...http://www.etsy.com/forums_thread.php?thread_id=5994217, all you have to do is reply in the thread, each reply is worth one entry. There's more information in the thread, but it is a great group of shop owners.

There is also more info here:http://www.iwannawinthebox.blogspot.com/

Today is the last day for Jenn's custom blog header giveaway, so make sure you head over to http://www.thevillagepeddler.blogspot.com/ and sign up!! And you can check her out on etsy as well http://www.geske2be.etsy.com/ .
Have a great day! Enjoy the weather if it's nice where you are.

Warmer Wednesday

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It was definitely warmer today, made it to 38 degrees. Wow that's almost 40! Seems weird to call that warm weather, but I am sure it is to a lot of you out there in blogger land. The Sun shone and the wind was almost non existent.

I finished the shawl i was workin on today and it is now listed in my etsy store. I think it came out well. I just love the red color I used and the off white seemed to accent it well. I am going to have ryan help me get some pics of me modeling it to upload to etsy, the ones I have just don't show it off well enough.Now I am workin on another stitchery pattern and I will be stitching up another of my sheep ones as my first one sold rather quickly. Keep checking back with my blog as on Sunday I will be posting my giveaway!

Now I have been hearing some about this new community website MyCraft.com. I haven't checked it out myself so if you have or have a profile on it I would love to hear what you think of it. Has it helped your creativeness? Etsy sales? Is it worth the time to set up and keep it updated? I am trying to find all avenues that will help broaden my customer base for my etsy shop. Any insight would be appreciated.

We have 3 more days till it's Circus Day and the boys are so excited! They ask me everyday if we have the tickets. Saturday just can't get here fast enough. lol
Time to get back to creating. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments. Happy crafting!

Another Sale

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Yes, I said it. I have had yet another sale from my etsy shop, funny thing is it's another mom that I know so it's not actually through etsy, but that's ok with me. My sheep sampler sold, I am so excited. I am now workin on a stitchery pattern for valentines day. I hope to finish it and get it stitched in the next day or so. I will then frame it and hopefully have it up for sale as well.

My shawl is coming along nicely. (it's pictured above with samson the want to be model)So great to sit and work on it while the boys play or watch a movie and so nice to relax after they go to bed and work on it for a couple of hours. I really enjoy crocheting, how everyone turns from a skein of yarn into so many different things, a scarf, shawl, cap, afghan, and many more things that I am not experienced enough to make. I love seeing how different colors can work together as well.

On the homefront note, we had our heating unit serviced today, hadn't done it in the three years since we bought the house. My friend Tiffany's dad came over today to take a look at it ( he has his own HVAC business) He said things look good, but it may only get us through this winter and one more if we are lucky, he pulled out about a half gallon of rust from the unit. Our house was built in 1955 and I asked him if he could tell how old the unit was, he couldn't read the serial number but said that it is highly possible that it is the original unit. So it looks like we may be gettin a quote on a new all in one unit soon. (our a/c is about the same age as well) Looks like that will be the next home project we will be budgeting and saving for. Weee! (said with some sarcasm) But that all comes with owning your own home.

Well off to help Connor with his homework, finish laundry and plan supper.

Happy Crafting.

Newest Completed Projects

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Well it has been a productive weekend and just keeps going, I finished my stitchery sampler and the shawl I was workin on yesterday. They are both pictured above and are both availalbe in my etsy store.

My girlfriend is having another giveaway for a custom made blog header. Pop on over and sign up. you have till friday to sign up. http://thevillagepeddler.blogspot.com/2009/01/another-givaway.html is where you need to sign up at. Good luck to all.

Stay tuned here as well, I am planning my own giveaway as well. I haven't decided what it's going to be, but plan on starting it this weekend. I promise it will be a good one, and designed for valentines day!!

Thank you all who keep leaving me comments, they really make my day. i love to see what people think of my work. Keep em coming.

Well, it's time to go play in the snow, I am sure I will post pics of the progress later today.

Till then, stay warm and motivated!
*check out the post below this one for the pics of kids and mommy playin in the snow.

The picture out my window this morning - UPDATE

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Just a quick post. We woke up to a dusting of snow and its still coming down in big flakes. The boys were a bit confused...they started yelling, it's christmas its christmas...lol JJ's logic is it's suppose to snow on christmas. It snowed so it must be christmas..lol

Just wanted to post a quick note before the day got started. I will be back later as I finished my shawl yesterday and need to get pictures taken.


We went out to play with what little snow we had, thought I would post some pics of the boys playin...even mommy got in on the action some and poor samson got sprinkled with some of the flying snow...lol and of course Hot Chocolate when we were done :)

Sunday Show off

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Good day! I wasn't sure what to entitle today's post. So I decided to show off some things I have just finished. The boys were extremely good for me this morning so I was able to get some of the oven towels i had sitting by the sewing machine done. I also got my stitchery done, the one I created the pattern for. I still need to get it framed, but would love your feedback on what you think of it. I plan on framing it with a frame made of old barn wood. I will post the finished pick when I have it done. The picture is actually lighter than what it is, I didn't have the greatest natural light since it's cloudy outside and had to use my flash.

Here is just a sample of what I got done, they are all available in my etsy shop though.

Mom and dad stopped by yesterday and took us to lunch and then spent the afternoon here with us just relaxing and enjoying the kids. Mom left me some osnaburg fabric to try my hand at the stitchery she has been doing...you can check them out at her blog http://www.brensbusyhands.blogspot.com/. Now I just have to find a pattern and see if I can do it. I love how hers have come out and hope that mine look even half as good. The boys absolutely had a blast while they were here and the girls got to run around a bit and let off some energy. Of course Samson was none to happy and seems to be recouping today...think he got overstressed yesterday cause he is just laying around today. Poor guy. Maybe letting them run around in his living room was a little too much for him. lol

I am also starting another shawl to put on the etsy store, can't wait to get it done, it is simple but trimmed with fun fur. I love that stuff. I think that will be what i work on this afternoon as I do laundry and other cleaning things. Ryan is workin on getting our windows weather proofed with the window insulating kits that we got at Lowes. Hopefully that will make a difference in our heating bill.

I also want to help promote my friends new etsy store. Village Peddler Graphics, she does fantastic work at a reasonable rate. She created both my blogger header and my etsy store header, she does other graphics as well. Check her new store out at http://www.geske2be.etsy.com/

That seems to be about it for today. Stay warm and keep busy crafting!

Frigid Friday

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woke up to 0 degree weather this morning and had a high of maybe 20 which is rather cold for Tennessee. For DH as well as he had to go under the house to fix a leak we had in the pipes. Then it was off to Lowes and Walmart to pick up the things he needed to fix the leak, weather strip the doors and get the window kits for weatherproofing. Ate at Subway in WalMart and I got a few groceries, and a couple of items I needed for crafting and then home we went. Ryan back to under the house and the boys down for rest and naps. While they were doing all that I was workin on Connor's scarf, i did promise to make him one and yes I got it finished today...he loves it as you can see

I am now tryin to decide if I want to start on my stitchery pattern I made or a new shawl to crochet. It will probably be the stitchery because I am curious to see how it will turn out for my first pattern.

I also made up some Brownies N A Jar for my etsy store...so easy and fun to make...

I have been gettin a few views in my store, but only one sale so far....but i have only had it open for about a week so I know it takes time. I will just keep workin on my projects and I know that someone will stop and find something they can't live without...:)

That is about all I have today,not very exciting, I will hopefully have more to post about this weekend.

School has been cancelled

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Yep that's right, school has been cancelled for tomorrow, we got the call at about 4:30 today. So that gives them a 4 day weekend as they had Monday off for Martin Luther King day.
did get a few things done today while the boys were in bed. I made up some White Hot Chocolate in a jar. Perfect for this cold cold weather.

I did some cleanin and rearranging and also made up some stove towels, not exactly what to call them, made out of a kitchen towel and matching potholder so you always have a towel at hand.

I also started on a scarf for Connor, I had given JJ one of the one's I had made that weren't quite long enough for an adult, so of course when I went to look I didn't have anymore so I promised to make Connor one. I also have a special order stitchery from a friend, she wants something with a sheep on it, a sampler of sorts, so I put pencil to paper and came up with a pattern, I am going to get it stitched up and see what I think. I will post it when I am done and get feedback from all my loyal followers as well.

I think I finally have my sewing area the way I like it, of course I haven't gotten pictures taken yet, but promise to tomorrow and I will post them. As for now I think i will get back to my scarf and watch Willy Wonka with the family, all the while curled up under a nice warm quilt.

Oh and before I forget there are a couple of giveaways....first off don't forget to stop by my friends blog at www.thevillagepeddler.blogspot.com and sign up for a chance at a free custom blog header, you can also click the link on my sidebar. And Ashely over at Hot Butter is giving away a very cute muslin pouch...check out her work at http://mosthotbutter.blogspot.com/ and sign up.

Stay warm and happy!

Whatcha Workin on Wednesday

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It has been a couple of days since I have posted. While going through my fabric and yarn yesterday I found a couple of skeins of this neat wool yarn and thought i would try to make something with it, well I came up with this, I am calling it a neck warmer, not long enough to be a scarf, but I am going to find a big button to put on one side and make a button loop to sew onto the other side so you can put it on, button in and have it as a neck warmer under your coat. Once I finish it I think i'll put it in my etsy shop. I did make my first sale today, one of my friends here in town found a scarf that she liked, she wanted fringe on it so I added that yesterday and will be delivering it to her this morning when JJ and I go to the library for kids group. (her kids are in it too) My first sale, kind of exciting. I also found a pattern for hand warmers that I am going to try to make, it seems fairly simple, basically fingerless gloves. It's something I can sit in my chair, covered with my quilt and work on.

Ryan has this weekend off so I hope to get some sewing done on JJ's quilt, and a trip to Joann's to find a needle big enough to do the yarn ties on my quilts. I also have a couple of valentines stitchery patterns I want to get transferred to muslin to work on. Get things lined up to do for this next week as well. I also found a good grouping of fabric for another rug when I went through things yesterday. Hopefully will get that cut up this week or weekend, they go together so easily and is something that relaxes me.

Its a good thing Ryan has the weekend off, he has some things he needs to work on around the house, first off he is going to crawl under the house and check all the heating ducts to make sure they are all attached and functioning properly, our house seems to be colder this year than last, also he is going to check the pipes, he thinks we may have a small leak under the house that he needs to fix. We are also going to put some plastic up on some of our older windows to help with insulating the house, our bathroom window is one of them, we can feel an air leak their as well as the ones in our bedroom, they are rather old windows, so we are trying to do all we can to keep the heat in and the cold out. It is suppose to get down to 0 by Friday, which is the coldest it has been here in Tennessee in six years they say.

Well it's almost time to get ready for Library, so I will sign off for now. Everyone keep warm and stay busy :)

Etsy Find

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So since opening my etsy store I have been checking out all kinds of stores and stumbled upon this pendant that I just love. Pictured above it is made by rubyshills on etsy.
http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=19574718. She also has a great blog over at http://anjigallanos.blogspot.com. there are so many creative and talented people on etsy selling an array of things. I am sure I will be posting other things I find that make me smile, or that i add to my wish list.

Material Monday

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That is what I am calling today because I plan to go through and organize my material I have. Sort through everything that I have and separate it by colors, blues, greens, yellows, etc etc. I want to see if I have enough to make another rag rug, cross your fingers.

I finally got the two pillows done for JJ that I worked on this weekend and got the rest of the fabric cut for his quilt, think I am going to do simple 9 patch blocks for it, now to just lay it out and decide what squares i am going to use in each. then i can have them grouped together and read to sew on as I go. I was going to try to finish my christmas lap quilt that i have put together but realized I don't have a needle with an eye big enough for the yarn to fit through so that will have to wait until this weekend when I can hopefully get to Hancock fabrics or Joann's to find a needle that will work. But once I have that it should finish up quickly enough.

Here are a few pictures of JJ and his pillows and the fabric all cut and ready to go :) Also my best friend since Kindergarten is having a give away. She is giving away a custom blog header. She does fantastic work, she has done the last three I have had up, including my current one and she also made the header for my etsy shop. go check her out at http://thevillagepeddler.blogspot.com/ and you can also click on the link on my side bar to go straight to the post about the giveaway. Good luck to all.

Well time to get back to the day. Happy crafting and creating to all!

Rainy Saturday

Author: Miranda /

Well, we woke up to clouds and rain today. A total blah day, but good day for some fabric cutting and laundry. The boys and I changed the sheets on all the beds today, and I have been workin on laundry most of the day. we decided to make it a pajama day, I let the boys stay in their pj's since we weren't going anywhere today.

I decided to finally figure out how i was going to put JJ's quilt together, and got the squares cut out, now to lay them out and sew the blocks together and then to sew the blocks into the quilt top. I can't wait, I am going to try and lay some out later and take a picture so everyone can get an idea of how I hope it will turn out. I also think I am going to make a couple of pillows to go with it for his bed. Those I will hopefully sew together tonight after ryan get's home and get stuffed. Again I will post pics when they are finished.

JJ and I went to the library yesterday for friday morning story telling and he got to meet up with a couple of his school mates and their mom and I got to have some chat time, we also checked out some books to read and a few for connor to read (by himself) which he was very excited about! It was a good morning and then lunch and McDonalds before we had to pick up Big brother.

Connor had a great week at school and so as a reward (which I had promised him) I bought tickets to the circus that will be here the weekend of the 23rd, now he has to keep up the good work so we can all go....I don't think that should be an issue.

I have been having a few views on my etsy store, which is exciting. I am trying to decide what to make next to list (once I have made a couple of sales :))

That's about it for today, time to watch a movie with the kids, I think we have The Goonies picked out...."Its a Booty Trap!"

My shop is open

Author: Miranda /

That's right, I finally got around to opening my etsy shop. You can find it at www.primitivejunkie.etsy.com. I have a few items listed and will hopefully add to them on a regular basis.

Not much else to report at this time...I will post later tonight I am sure. :)

Stay warm and happy crafting!

Good Morning!

Author: Miranda /

We are almost back to normal, Daddy went back to work today and it's the day before school goes back into session and both the boys are so ready for school to start again. We started of the morning of with a great breakfast and getting dressed, and I had no complaints about it! Then they played a game of chutes and ladders (with a little help and referee from mom) they didn't want mom to play this time, but they said I could play later...lol Then Connor decided to work on his reading skills with his new computer game that Yaya and Papa gave him....to be ready for school tomorrow he says. Since big brother was occupied, JJ decided to be a rock star...as you can see from the picture. I swear that guitar was the best present he could have gotten, it could have been the only present and he would have been completely content...he has even gotten good at playin and then swingin the guitar to his back and pretending to sing...it's so funny. Connor has also made sure he knows where everything for school is, his pouch, his coat, and he even made sure I knew where is lunch box was. He wants to take lunch tomorrow because"I don't know what there having and I want to make sure I have something I like" lol.

Yesterday was sort of a lazy day, I finished up the laundry, we played some games with the boys, watched a couple of movies. If you haven't seen The Bee Movie, I suggest it for anyone with kids, it is such a cute movie, my kids loved it. I got my christmas quilt put together with the batting and backing, and then realized I don't have a needle large enough for the yarn I am using to tie it so it's put on the back burner for a bit till I get that, I will probably get the binding sewed together today so it's ready to put on when I have it tied. I also put a few things on my etsy shop, a couple scarves and shawls that I had made up to see how they will sell, so wish me luck on that. I am also going to go through the two bags of fabric I found while cleaning this last week and see if I have enough for another rag rug to put on their as well. :)

Not much planned for today, picking up a few groceries and just enjoying the last day the boys have off. We may go to the library as well, there's a new book out that I want to see if they have and find a couple for the boys to enjoy as well.

Blog Makeover

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Well as many of you have seen, my blog has gotten a little makeover now that Christmas is over. Once again I have to thank Jenn for putting my header together, she is so talented! Can't wait to figure out what to have her make for valentine's day!! Anyway I just wanted to give her credit for the awesome job she did.

Simple Saturday

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Good morning to all my bloggin friends. Today is going to be my Simple Saturday, no errands to run, just staying home, being the goddess of the house, finishing laundry and possibly rearranging a few things now that the christmas decorations are down. Connor is getting ready to go to his Karate class, since their were no classes this week because of the Holidays they are having a Make up class today...Daddy gets to take him and JJ gets to stay home with mom. He is not too happy about that. But he will get to help mommy with some things and I am sure he will forget all about it.
I am so excited, I found this great quilt store in Franklin, Ky yesterday....A Quilter's Fabric Garden. http://www.aquiltersfabricgarden.com/ Such a cute store, great fabrics and the ladies are so nice and helpful. I picked up some great fabrics on sale, a couple of cute patterns and a quilt kit. All at half price too! Pictures are above and I also talked to the gal who does classes, they are starting a 6 week class in February for quilting. It ranges for learning to cut your fabrics to learning how to machine quilt your quilt. It's one night a week for 2 hrs each week. Sounds like fun.
On another note, we have found new homes for some of our guinea pig babies, thanks to the help of our veterinarian. He allowed me to put up a sign at the office, (after i verified if I could find new homes for them at 4 weeks) and we only have two little girls left to find homes for. That will leave us with Alvin and one of the baby boys who is currently named Cowlick, nickname Cowly. They will be moved into the boys toy room either today or tomorrow after they get their cage cleaned. :)
Well I think that's about it for now..time to go switch laundry and get some things moved while daddy and connor are out. Wishing everyone a great weekend full of fun crafting.

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Mother of two boys, military wife, and woman extraordinaire. This revamped blog is just thoughts and tidbits from my head on an occasional basis. Sometimes crafty, sometimes intelligent, and sometimes just plain funny. Friends, family, fun.



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