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Well, I know i posted just a bit ago, but i am postponing doing an inventory of our cupboards, it needs to be done but....ack and Iwanted to post the pictures of the boys and their paper chain, they are so proud of it! Doesn't it add just that finishing touch to the tree? lol We may do more ornaments as the days go on as Connor's last day of school is this next friday.

Think i may wait till Daddy gets home to do the food inventory then i can get him and the boys settled into a game of chutes and ladders so I can do my inventory in peace....well sort of..hehe

A Nostalgic Day

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Well, since Jenn got me all reminiscent about disney movies with her post about Bedknobs and Broomsticks, I had to go and find out the actual name of one my most favorite movies that my mom and I used to just call The Yellow House....well in all actuality it is called Summer Magic and stars Hayley Mills and Burle Ives. I could have watched this over and over and over as I was growing up and actually prob still could. As well as Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Mary Poppins, The Parent Trap (the original with Hayley Mills)and many others. Really makes me want to dig out a VCR (if we even still have one) and have a Disney Movie Marathon day with the boys, since school was cancelled today, yep I said it, no school today..and the funny thing is, we have NO snow....just ice on the secondary you guessed it. The joys of living in Tennessee.

Today has been cleaning day, some laundry is done, our main living room is pretty much clean, and the kitchen is almost done. I have chili in the crock pot for supper. Over all a pretty productive morning. I still have lots to do. I need to clean the sewing/guinea pig living room and reorganize my fabric and my projects, and of course the dreaded cleanin of the boys' toy room, or should i say supervision of the cleaning. We are trying out a new rule in the house, you can bring a toy out, but must put it away before getting something else, if there are any toys out at bedtime mommy takes them away. We are also going to weed through the toys they have and give away what they don't play with anymore. Gotta make room for all the cool stuff Santa is going to hopefully bring.

Today is just a play day for the boys. I think we will make paper chains for the christmas tree later...I have found the construction paper and glue sticks, so that will be the after lunch project to work on. And finally I have to go through our food and make a grocery list, figure out what we really really need for the trip to the store tomorrow. I got a new casserole recipe book so am going to see what i have for a couple of those for next week. I also have to get a present for Connor to take to school for his party next friday, thank goodness it has a limit of 5 dollars. I'm thinking a couple coloring books and a box of crayons. I also think that we are going to upgrade the boys to the big box of 64 crayons for christmas stockings. Those are pretty cheap at the dollar store.

Think that's it for now...maybe i'll get some sewing in on my quilt as well....we will have to see.

Stay warm and happy crafting!

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