School has been cancelled

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Yep that's right, school has been cancelled for tomorrow, we got the call at about 4:30 today. So that gives them a 4 day weekend as they had Monday off for Martin Luther King day.
did get a few things done today while the boys were in bed. I made up some White Hot Chocolate in a jar. Perfect for this cold cold weather.

I did some cleanin and rearranging and also made up some stove towels, not exactly what to call them, made out of a kitchen towel and matching potholder so you always have a towel at hand.

I also started on a scarf for Connor, I had given JJ one of the one's I had made that weren't quite long enough for an adult, so of course when I went to look I didn't have anymore so I promised to make Connor one. I also have a special order stitchery from a friend, she wants something with a sheep on it, a sampler of sorts, so I put pencil to paper and came up with a pattern, I am going to get it stitched up and see what I think. I will post it when I am done and get feedback from all my loyal followers as well.

I think I finally have my sewing area the way I like it, of course I haven't gotten pictures taken yet, but promise to tomorrow and I will post them. As for now I think i will get back to my scarf and watch Willy Wonka with the family, all the while curled up under a nice warm quilt.

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Stay warm and happy!

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