Happy New Year

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Well, we did stay up last night but crashed shortly after midnight. The boys didn't make it past 9pm :) Today we ran out to get a few things we needed....meant to go to Sams Club but to my surprise they are closed on New Years Day...who knew? But I did stop by the fabric store and got a few fat quarters for 50 % off. Came home and took down the tree and the christmas decorations. Tomorrow we get to rearrange things back to normal...DH is soo excited for that, lol.

I also started advertising to find the baby guinea pigs a new home at the vet's office as well as the grocery stores here in town. One of the little boys went to his new home today. So only 5 more babies and their Mama left to find new homes for. I don't think it will be a problem. they are all so cute.

Not much on the craft front. I need to organize my fabrics tomorrow so I know what I have. I need to finish up my christmas quilt which I think i can get pinned tomorrow so that I can tie it and then i need to focus on JJ's quilt, am lookin for that perfect pattern now, once i've found it then the measuring and cutting of squares can begin.

That's it for now, not a lot of excitement in the house this week :) Till next time.

Happy Crafting!

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