A good week so far

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Well, it has been a while since i have posted, two little boys keep you busy! Last weekend was a blast, the parents were in town and surprise the boys with a visit, and brought along the newest members of the family...yep mom got not one but two puppies....pics posted...they are darling, made me want another....maybe for JJ's bday as he is the animal lover of the two.

Connor started Kindergarten full time on Monday and JJ is having big brother withdrawals...the first day he kept asking every 15 min or so if it was time to go get Connor...so funny. Connor is learning to do as the teacher says, we have two days with stickers on his calendar and one without because he didn't want to do his work. His teacher, Mrs. Tucker is very nice and i am glad that she communicates so well with me. Connor has a "pouch" that comes home with him every day with his folder of papers he did to keep and his monthly behavioral chart...there is also a sheet for me to sign once we have gone over all the paper work and any notes that she needs to send home are in there to. Connor is eating hot lunch at school and loves it, they eat in the cafeteria and he thinks that is just awesome. Now for JJ to start Tues/thurs school and this mom will be all set. He starts on Sept 11. We can't wait!

I haven't been crafting too much. Just finished a crocheted shawl and getting ready to start on a couple of scarves. something to keep my fingers busy. will hopefully get the sewing machine out this weekend to finally make the curtains for my bathroom since the hubby has a 4 day weekend. I may even get some yo yo coasters put together too.

I have included pictures of the boys with PaPa and the truck and a couple others...till next time


Another Day, Same Thing

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Well, It is Tuesday and just another day around the house. Connor now has 3 night nights before his first day of Kindergarten. He will go this friday and next friday for assessment and class placement, then start full time on August 25th. He is sooo excited. We had Karate class last night and he got another strip on his belt, i think that it is only 2 more before he can test for his next belt which is very exciting. He is finally getting the idea of what he needs to do and Sensei says he is doin well and all the older students and teachers think he is just adorable...JJ found a little friend to play with while we wait on Connor at class to so that is great!

I have applied to be a substitute teacher at connor's school and will be looking into the cafeteria position when i go down to the central office tomorrow. I have to turn in paperwork and be fingerprinted for a background check. You know make sure i am ok to work with the kiddos.

Ryan is enjoying his new position so far, he does about 3hrs of driving a day, but still gets home between 6 and 6:30pm at night right now, but that can change at anytime, he has his own office and likes everyone he works with. He will be going up to Wisconsin in September for two weeks of training and has been notified he is in the runnin to be considered for Warrant Officer (next promotion) but that may mean another move...so we are considering all the options as i don't really want to move again if i can help it.

that is about it for now, i will post again when i have more news.

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