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Since i have last posted. Busy in this house as always. Connor is on his 3rd week of school and still adjusting to what he can and can't do in class. but overall he really likes it. He especially likes eating hot lunch in the cafeteria....his karate class is going well, "his girl" (the girl who works with him the most Brie) sprained her ankle last friday and was unable to work with him last night, but JJ was happy because she sat out in the lobby with us and played cars with him. Connor keeps asking when daddy and I are gonna leave so that "Miss Brie" can come That won't be for a while as Daddy left last sunday for another military schooling....he will return sometime the 26th or 27th of this month.
I have been crocheting lately, I have a shawl and two scarves done and another one almost done, i think i am goin to post them on my etsy store and see if there is a market for them out there...i mean everyone needs a scarf.
I have also decided to try and work my Mary Kay a bit, I do have two facials scheduled at the end of the month so I am excited about that. I have gotten in the new mineral powder eye shadows and blushes, I really like them myself. So much new and cool stuff to list, if interested or questions let me know. ( I know a shameless self plug, but heh i need the business)
On to weight loss, I joined LA Weightloss about 7 weeks ago and am down 15lbs so far, it's a slow process and frustrating at times, but it is workin, I have been able to fit into some size 14 shorts and jeans which makes me happy, my ultimate goal would be to fit size 10/12 comfortably, once i hit that i think i could maintain it as well....wish me luck.
I am sure there is more, but i just can't think of it. I am trying to get used to the school schedule again as well, still not used to gettin up early again. Must get more coffee....till later

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