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I logged on tonight and went to read the blogs that have been updated while I was gone and low and behold Jenn over at has bestowed The Best Blog Daily Thinker Award
Now for the rules: The rules are to post it on your blog and pass it on to 10 other deserving bloggers. There are so many great bloggers. The following are the 10 bloggers I have chosen in no order. If you would like this award please just grab it
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Tuesday's Tidbits

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Well I am tryin out a new theme for tuesdays. Tuesday's Tidbits, finding little things to do with everyday things you find in or around the house. Today's tidbit is on Duct Tape, now we all know it's the fixit go to for just about any house hold, but after doing some research i found the history of Duct Tape to be a bit interesting.

Duct tape got it's name when do-it-yourself repair people found out how well it worked for sealing off ducts in the home. The original name, "Duck Tape", came from WWII in 1942.

When cases of ammunition were ruined by rain and humidity, the U.S. government asked their supplier if they would give them something they could use to protect their provisions. The supplier sent them a green waterproof tape that the army nick named "Duck Tape" because water rolled off of it as easily as water off a duck's back. The military found countless uses for the tape while stationed overseas and new uses mounted once they returned home.
It seems the most popular use for the tape after the war was for sealing ducts in homes which prompted a few changes. The color changed from green to silver and it's name changed from Duck Tape to Duct Tape. Through the decades duct tape has remained popular because it seems there is no a job that duct tape can't handle.
The best use for duct tape I have come across is for getting rid of Plantar Warts. Before going to bed each night simply wrap the tape around your feet making sure all warts are securely covered. They should disappear within 4 to 6 weeks. The reason this procedure works so well is, the duct tape is air tight and it cuts off oxygen to the warts causing them to die.
Other things duct tape is used for are:
Patching water pipes.
Patch a holes in the pool.
Used as weather stripping around doors and windows.
To tape an alligator's mouth closed.
As temporary patch for a car body.
To hold the bumper on a car.
To tape over the mouth of the office gossip.
As a patch for mufflers and tail pipes.
To mend a broken shovel handle.
Use in an emergency to hem pants, a skirt or a dress.
To repair a vacuum cleaner hose.
For book binding.
To repair a car tail light.
To stop a leak in the garden hose.
To repair a tear in a tent.
For a bandage when you don't have a real one handy.
Use as a patch on clothing.
To keep rubber boots from leaking.
Repair holes in inflatable water toys.
To tape an annoying person to the wall.
To remove lint from clothing.
Reupholster furniture.
Wrap Christmas presents... they'll never get them open.
Fly catcher. Just hang from ceiling in the cottage.
Tape warranties to the back or underside of new appliances.
Fix holes in the wings of airplanes.
Replace webbing in lawn chairs.
Use in place of wax for removing unwanted hair.
Patch holes in the toes of ballet shoes.
If you are out riding and your horse's shoe becomes loose, secure it with duct tape until you return home.
To repair dentures.
Use strips of duct tape on the back of jig saw puzzles to keep them from falling apart.
To remove a splinter.
Toilet paper.
Temporary fix for a broken water hose under the hood

I am sure we all use or have used Duct Tape for one thing or another in our lives and will probably use it again. I know it is a staple in our house, we have a roll in the kitchen, one on the back deck and I even think my husband has a roll in the trunk of his car. What have you used it for?

(thanks to Darlen McFarlane's article at for this information)

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