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I have been tryin to keep busy this week. I created a new piece for my jewelry line in my etsy shop and then decided to make something just for me.

The piece I made for my shop is different from my normal necklaces. This time I weaved beads within a chain necklace, then added a pendant and few other beaded embellishments. I really like how it came out and anticipate doing another one with larger beads this time. It's pictured below, if you or someone you know might like to purchase it simply click on the picture and it will take you straight to the listing.

The next one I did just for me, with a pendant that I got once again from Kevin over at KanYoFuse at etsy. I really do love his work, but I have done so many for the shop that I thought it was time to make another one just for me. This will make my 3rd for myself out of all the one's I've gotten from him.

I have many more ideas that I want to bring to life and hope to soon. I am getting ready for the craft show here in town this Saturday. i want to have a couple more items created before I set up on Saturday and think that I can get them done in time.

Of course I have been busy with the normal day to day things, cleaning, laundry, camps for the kids, reg classes they are enrolled in, etc.

What has been keeping you busy? Are you creating, running around like a chicken with your head cut off? Taking a vacation? Let me know I love keeping up with everyone

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