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Yesterday was report card day and Connor's was good, he has mastered all the areas they have been workin on but needs improvement on following directions, doing work without disturbing others, listening attentively, and following conversational rules. Imagine Other than that he had a great report and that equals like an A/B honor roll which at karate means he earns a red star for his uniform and keeps him on track for his next belt. I like that his karate teacher ties in school with progress in class as well. He needs one more stripe on his current belt before he can test for his next jr belt. I feel that will happen soon, he had a great night last night and was in a good mood when i dropped him off today. He knows that as a reward for a good report card he gets to add one song to his Fp3 player and if he has 5 good days at school he gets to add another one on friday. Thursday is grandparents day at school, but since my mom and dad are on the road Connor has decided to invite one of our neighbors to go have lunch with him, he decided he wants to as Miss Hallie Mae from next door to go with him, so we will walk over after school today so he can do so. I think she will be very happy to have him invite her. She is a very sweet older lady and just loves the boys. I still have a terrible cough from my sinus issues from last week so I have decided it may be best if I don't help in Connor's class today, but plan on going in on Thursday while JJ is in preschool.
Connor has started his christmas list to Santa, it is fun to see what he wants and he loves to look at the list as we add things, and of course it is a long
As far as crafting I am currently workin on some fun fur scarves, a pink and white one and a red and black one, they go so fast. Just something to keep my hands busy. :)
ryan made it home late last friday night and the boys were so happy to have him back, we had a great weekend and are now back to a somewhat normal schedule. but it's great to have him back home!

Well it's time to take the little rugrat to school, wishing everyone a great day!


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Morning all! well now that i have a few things made up i am hoping to post them on my etsy shop, but am stumped as what or how to describe them to their best advantage, I also need to put a profile description as well, my writers block could be due to the sinus medications i am on, but it may also be that i haven't had to describe my projects for a sale purpose. If anyone has any pointers i would greatly appreciate it.
Ryan will be home tonight and i am very excited about it, it will be so great to have him back home and involved with everything again. You never realized the little things your partner does till they are gone for an extended period of time. Just simple things like taking the trash out, feeding the dog and cat, making coffee in the morning....etc. Little things that make my life at home a little easier and a little less stressful.
It is that time of year where i have to start thinking about christmas present for the boys, I try to do a little bit at a time starting in October, I have found that buying in small bursts makes it easier on the budget and usually allows me to do a little more for them than if I waited till december. I have already gotten a couple more sets for their train track and a new hand held game system by vtech for Connor, of course he will need some clothes, they both need socks and underwear. I am thinking of another play dough set for JJ and not sure what else. I think for other people i will be making gifts, my craftiness seems to be in a good mode so while i have the energy i am going to get started on some things. I am also lookin for some simple, prim quotes to stitch on pillows and other stuff, so input their is good to.

I think that is it for now, till i have more to say :)

Life progresses :)

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It has been a while since i have posted. I have been workin on some crochet projects. I have included some pics. a couple of shawls and a few next attempt is going to be a baby doll blanket. All of which i am going to be posting to my etsy store Primitive Junkie. (i have nothing posted there yet, but will soon) I have been busy with connor and jj and their schools, volunteering, goin to eat lunch with connor and dealing with his teacher and principle on some issues they feel were "problems" but in all reality are just normal 5yr old traits. I am finding that the schools down here don't seem to want to take the time to work with each child as they need to be and so I am trying to be as involved as i can so that my son can get the best possible experience as he can. JJ is doing well, is having issues with sharing the soccer ball outside at school, but his teacher just loves him. And he has been invited to a birthday party for two of his classmates, he is really is Oct 4th at the local pumpkin farm. they have old time buildings and a play area, hay maze, buffalo, horses, mules and fun things like that and you even get to take a ride out to the pumpkin patch and pick your own pumpkins if you want. It should be very fun and he is very excited to be goin to a party with his friends.
We also have an Old Threshers weekend here called Old Timers Day that i have donated a door prize for to try and get my name out there for Mary Kay and slowly build up a client base.
Ryan gets home late friday/early saturday morning and the boys are very excited about that, connor can't wait to show him that he has had a very good week so far and he says he is goin to work hard to have good days tomorrow and friday. He has two different reward charts at home, one is weekly..if he has 5 good days in the week he gets a new song downloaded on his little fisher price mp3 player and we also have a puzzle that he earns a puzzle piece each day he is good at school and at home and when that is put together he can choose either a new cd or movie (the puzzle is 12 pieces all together) he can't wait to get his new song and so i think that it will motivate him to do his best which is all i ask of him. connor has two field trips in October, on the first they get to walk to the Fire Department behind the school and see the fireman and trucks and then on Oct 17th his class goes to Bottom view Farms, and i will be a chaperone on that trip...the life of a supermom really begins now....and as my mom tells me will last for the next 18yrs or more.
On a side note I am currently watching the David Blain special and this man is just amazing and insane at the same time. Makes me really believe in magic, makes me wonder if Jamie ever took his magic anywhere....remember the levitation picture in the dallas paper?? wonder if i could find that again, would be great for the scrap book. Anyway enjoy the pictures, post your
comments and words of support cause this mommy is gonna need it.
"God didn't have time to create a nobody....just a somebody" ---Mary Kay Ash

It's been a while....

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Since i have last posted. Busy in this house as always. Connor is on his 3rd week of school and still adjusting to what he can and can't do in class. but overall he really likes it. He especially likes eating hot lunch in the cafeteria....his karate class is going well, "his girl" (the girl who works with him the most Brie) sprained her ankle last friday and was unable to work with him last night, but JJ was happy because she sat out in the lobby with us and played cars with him. Connor keeps asking when daddy and I are gonna leave so that "Miss Brie" can come That won't be for a while as Daddy left last sunday for another military schooling....he will return sometime the 26th or 27th of this month.
I have been crocheting lately, I have a shawl and two scarves done and another one almost done, i think i am goin to post them on my etsy store and see if there is a market for them out there...i mean everyone needs a scarf.
I have also decided to try and work my Mary Kay a bit, I do have two facials scheduled at the end of the month so I am excited about that. I have gotten in the new mineral powder eye shadows and blushes, I really like them myself. So much new and cool stuff to list, if interested or questions let me know. ( I know a shameless self plug, but heh i need the business)
On to weight loss, I joined LA Weightloss about 7 weeks ago and am down 15lbs so far, it's a slow process and frustrating at times, but it is workin, I have been able to fit into some size 14 shorts and jeans which makes me happy, my ultimate goal would be to fit size 10/12 comfortably, once i hit that i think i could maintain it as well....wish me luck.
I am sure there is more, but i just can't think of it. I am trying to get used to the school schedule again as well, still not used to gettin up early again. Must get more coffee....till later

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