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Well I have decided to dub Friday's, Family Friday on my blog. With two little boys and DH who sometimes acts like a little boy I am always full of stories, Friday's I will try to pick the best of those to share with my wonderful friends here in Blog Land. Today is

"Are you a Cowboy?"

Friday's is casual days for my DH at work, jeans and an Army shirt of some sort, this is also the day he gets to wear his cowboy boots that he loves. (years before I met him he actually did some bull riding in the rodeos) You can see him all gussied up in the photos above. ( I caught him before he but his baseball cap just ignore the messy kitchen.) Well as he was getting his boots on JJ asked him if he was a return DH said do I look like a cowboy. JJ responds "Nope, you have to have a cow to be a cowboy" very straight forward. Then Connor adds "or a Horse" Dh chuckled and said do we have any cows or horses. well again very seriously JJ says "Yes" DH then asks him "where do we have any" JJ returns "we have two horses behind the couch" and truthfully we do. The horse head on a stick horses they got for christmas. (they are behind the couch because they became to rambunctious with them and they go taken away)

Now I had to stay in the kitchen while this was going on and try my hardest not to laugh out loud. Well Dh left for work and Connor turns to JJ and says "Daddy is a wannabe Cowboy" !! Too funny and all before 7am this morning, this definetly looks to be an interesting conversation day!

Friday's are also movie night around here. Pizza, movie, and popcorn of course. On tonight's list we have the family movie of Horton Hears a Who, followed by Baby Mama and Wanted (after the kids are in bed of course) Now this is a surprise for the boys, they don't know we got the movies in the mail yet, but they love it, we make a big pallet on the floor with all my quilts, they bring out their pillows, lovies, and blankets and we all get to snuggle up and watch movies.

So I hope everyone enjoys their Friday and does something fun with the family!

Till Next time!

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