Saturday Jumble

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Today's post is a mix of many things, so I decided to just call it a Jumble.

First off I am a featured seller on another blog. I am so excited about this, you can see the post here. Please take a look and give the post some love!

It's a cloudy day here in Tennessee but at least it is warm. The boys are already up and at it. currently they are hunting treasure. Complete with spying scope and treasure map and imaginary "booty traps" (for all those goonies lovers out there). Hubby has to work today so I think the boys and I are going to take a trip to Joann's for some more yarn for me to start on another afghan.

I have been busy creating this week. I spent part of the morning over at my girlfriends house yesterday beading and created a few pairs of earrings and a bracelet. You can find them in my new Jewelry section of my shop. I do have about 4 more pairs I need to photograph and list. I really like making them and it adds another aspect to my shop. Take a look and let me know what you think. Here is a picture of one of my favorites so far.

I do need to work on my photos, trying to find the right set up and props to enhance the jewelry itself. It is a learning process, but i really like trying out different things.
I also want to thank everyone for their comments on yesterday's post. I am still trying to decide on just the right chart and incentive program for the boys. Once I have a decision I will definitely let everyone know.
I will be featuring another great etsy seller tomorrow so please check back to find out who it is. There are so many wonderful and talented people I have gotten to know on etsy and I keep meeting more. I look forward to checking in on the forums each day to see what is new with everyone.
I am also working on a great Easter giveaway, stay tuned to see the great items that will be included!
Have a great day and keep creating!

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