Another great giveaway

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I just had to put up a quick post, thanks to mom another giveaway has been found for a great toaster cover. visit and comment to be entered. Such a creative idea, I absolutely love it. May have to figure out my own giveaway once i get a bigger following. :)
Tomorrow will be a great day, both children are in school so I will hopefully have some quality time to work on creating things. I will be sure to post anything that i start or even finish, I can't wait.
Till then

Happy crafting!

Newest Additions

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Well it has been a full weekend. JJ is turning 4 this next sunday and after much discussion his daddy and I decided to take him to the pet store and see if he might like a guinea pig, he has been wanting another dog, but with mommy being the one who will take care of it the most we decided to go with something smaller. Plus samson just isn't keen on having any other doggy in the house.

So yesterday we drove up to Bowling Green and went to Petco, after lookin at a couple they had in the cages we were told that they had two for adoption, they had been surrendered, had been checked out by the vet and were ready to go. Plus adoption at petco is free. They brought them both out and we fell in love with them, one long hair and one short hair, they are very friendly and calm, we can definetly tell they have been played off we went to find everything we would need for them, cage, food, house, treats, toy, etc. JJ was so excited he could hardly contain himself, and on the way home the kids named them, we now have Alvin and Simon. The cat was very curious as you can see by the pictures but she quickly learned she isn't allowed near the cage..spray bottles are wonderful :). Samson also was curious but after a quick look and sniff he was no longer interested.
On the crafty/quilting side I took a break this weekend. but i just ordered some fabric for a quilt i am going to make for JJ's new big boy bed, I am so excited i found superhero fabric, spiderman, superman, batman, the hulk, and even the fantastic four and it was all on sale...i still need to find some reg colors before i start it, but a rag quilt is what I am going to make for him, i can't wait to get the fabric now...woohoo
Enjoy the pictures and i will post again soon.

Happy quilting!

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