More Giveaways...YAY

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Well, I love that it's giveaway season. Mumovearls over at is giving away a great glitter Santa portrait she made. Such a great artist and wonderful idea. Hop on over for your chance to win. And the girls over at Quilt Taffy are giving away two great magazines in their holiday editions at so sign up and cross your fingers.
Today I plan to work on my christmas quilt and play with my new camera. It's my christmas gift to myself, I have been saving up (ryan was totally unaware) for it for almost a year now. And right when I was close to having enough, sure enough I found it on sale...yay! So now I am having fun with it, learning all it can do....It's a Nikon D40, kind of a beginner digital SLR, combines the digital camera with the old 35mm that I learned photography on at Western Illinois University at one of my College for Kids things. I am so excited and hope to get family pictures with it. I will post some when I am happy with the outcome.

Till later.

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