$5 Sale!

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Hello all my blogland friends, I am sorry to have neglected you for so long! Today's post won't be long as i am working on some new items and want to get them finished before posting about them. I did want to let everyone know that I am having a sale in my Etsy shop. I have a $5 Dollar Earring section now, almost all my earrings are now discounted to $5. Prices have already been reduced, so hop on over and take advantage of my earring liquidation!!

Also don't forget to sign up for the mystery give away, i have already added more items. I may post a sneak peak at some of the things you might see in the package. The more entries I get the more items i am going to add, so spread the word!! Tweet it, blog it, email it, doesn't matter to me. Let's just get the word out there cause I mean really you want a big box of things when you win right?

Super Saturday Feature

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Good Saturday to all! I am going to start a Super Saturday Feature twice a month on some of the great shops i find. This Saturday it is on miesmama, who happens to be the feature store for the Etsy Blogger street team that I am part of as well.

Miesmama has a very cute and fun little shop, combining felting, sewing and vintage items into some great finds and deals for you. I have to say one of my favorite's is the Pink Clover Headband (shown below)

You can also find wonderful totes, purses, and clutches that she has upcycled from various sweaters and wool materials, i have to say my favorite so far is the Blood Red Rose Clutch (featured below)
So hop on over to www.miesmama.etsy.com and find that something you have been looking for!

Online Make Over

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July 29th, 2009
Yup that is the date, time, and website to be at for the online Make over party! I suggest logging on a few minutes ahead of time to set up your registration, upload your picture and get ready to have some fun!! If you have any questions please let me know. Also if you add me on facebook I will be sending out reminders and special discount offers as well as a list of the discontinued items that i will have for sale and a greatly slashed price!
Here is my Facebook I look forward to having fun with each and every one of you!!

I don't just sell on Etsy

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Yes that's right. I don't just have my etsy shop, I am also a Mary Kay Consultant. I haven't talked about this on my blog simply because I have been focusing on my handmade items, but I wanted to let everyone know, if you need product, want to find that perfect gift for a friend, girlfriend, wife, etc then you have come to the right place.

I have been using Mary Kay products since I was 16, thanks to my mom. I loved them then and I love them even more now! My morning ritual is done in about 30 minutes and that includes washing, drying and styling my hair, my face and make up routine is about 7 minutes all together, who could as for better? Wanna know more? Simply drop me a comment with you email address and i would be happy to chat with you about any questions you might have. I will also be posting a couple of premade baskets soon that will be available for sale! I am so excited about them, and in the near future I will be having an online party, yes you read right an online party, be able to stay at home in your pj's, with your favorite wine or beverage at your side. This is possible because we now have a virtual make over section on the mary kay website, upload your photo and you can try on all the color's available from mary kay and even try out different hairstyles as well. Not sure what colors look good together, they also have "sets" that have been designed by professional make up artists...so keep a look out for that date. If you want to have a notice sent to you about this as well, leave me a comment saying so and an email address for it. During the party I will be available through IM chat via facebook or yahoo.

Well time to get back to the daily grind, but again leave me a comment, message, or question. :) have a great day!

To Do List

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(this great notepad made by the wonderful
TerriTaylorDesigns simply click the picture to go to her shop)

What is on your To Do List today?
Well i have so many things I want to do, I am not sure where to start. I have all my project hopes listed on my very own Crap To Do list, I love this little notepad, you can get your very own at Terri's etsy shop, simply click on the picture to take you to her store.
I think I am just going to start at one end of the house and work towards the other, which means that this weekend i am going to work on my back porch. I have totes and boxes out there that need to be gone through, i eventually want to move my creative stations out there so I have more room to lay things out and so the inside of the house won't be so cluttered. That would be my big project, along with the daily chores of laundry , dishes, trash, and vacuuming or sweeping.
I also want to try to work on one of the patterns i got when I went back home. One of my favorite things to do when we go back and visit is to travel up to Muscatine, IA and visit The Cotton Shop. I bought a couple of kits their for wool ornaments, i want to dig those out and see what else i need to make them. I wanted something different from everything else i have been making so i thought i would try out making some things with wool. My mom seems to love it, so I thought why not try it. Though, i won't be getting them out till i am done with my goals for this weekend. So wish me luck on those.
What is on your to do list this weekend, any major projects, minor projects, new creative patterns or ideas?? I love reading what my friends are up to.

So I Am Back In The Saddle

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Ok so things are a bit better in the Wyattmills household. Today I finally feel like i can get some things done, if this headache would completely go away!! There is so much to get done but i'll take it one job at a time.

We had a great time back home in IL. I got to go to all the places i wanted to go, even saw a few people I haven't seen in YEARS!!! It was grand fun and hope we can do it again next year.

I now have projects that should keep me busy for a while and even a list of quilt kits i want to get from this great shop in Muscatine Iowa once i have finished what I bought this trip. You can check her out online, the store name is The Cotton Shop, just click on the name and it will take you to her shop. I have to say it is the best quilt store I have found so far. We also went to Kalona, IA and i got some great prim decor and a great smelling candle along with a couple of new bag patterns i can't wait to try out.

And I also didn't forget about the giveaway, but i think i am going to keep it a mystery this time, i picked up a few things while i was back home, but i am also going to include a few of my own handmade items. I will be putting up a separate post for that so we can keep track of it.

I haven't gotten any pictures of my newest pieces for decoration, but once i am caught up at home i will definitely take the time to snap some and post them as I know you all want to see my loot. :) I hope everyone is having a good week and i look forward to hearing from everyone!

We made it home!!

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I just wanted to post a quick note, we did make it home from our trip to IL, but as soon as we got back both Connor and I became sick, so I apologize about the delay on the giveaway, but i hope to have it all ready tomorrow and we'll get things going then!!

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