Quilt in Progress

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Well I thought I would update everyone on my quilt progress. The top is pretty much finished, I have decided though after getting it done i do want to do a small border around the edge so I will be making a trip to the fabric store tomorrow, I also have to get a little more fabric to make the backing and pick up the batting for it, but hopefully i will get a good chunk of that done tomorrow.

I think I am going to start on another shawl tonight, something to relax me and wind me down from the day, though it hasn't been stressful at all, the boys have played together wonderfully, currently they are playing special agent...they created little intercoms out of playdough and now go by Agent C and Agent J and are on the lookout for fires to put out and spies to catch....what imagination and creativity they have when they are cooperating together....

Not a very exciting day, but a productive one I must say.

Oh and mom if you read this...safe travels and don't forget to send postcards!

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