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Well are you? I am tryin to be, with just a few little things. Well it started on Monday, I was all gung ho to sew together a new pattern I have for a tote/purse. Well needless to say, Monday was not my day to create. After fighting with the bottom and the binding and ripping out all the seems I set it aside to attempt another day and spent the rest of Monday with the kids.

Yesterday was a better day, I made myself a new cell phone pouch and created a simple pin cushion. Both which are very cute, you can see them below.

Today I have a long to do list, but hope to make a couple more pin cushions. I also plan a trip to Hancock fabrics to find a fabric to make a robe. I picked up a simple pattern for a light summer robe and want to try it, i just couldn't find any material I liked when I got the pattern yesterday. Though that trip may be postponed as my youngest is not feeling very good today.
What are you planning to do? what have you been creating?

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