On a Mission

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Well I am now on a mission to find backing for the quilt I am going to make JJ for his bed. It's called Minky fabric and is very soft and a I can put the quilt together and not actually have to have it quilted. But of course I want a certain color and can I find it...no After much research what I really want is a Royal Blue embossed paisley minky fabric, 60" wide if possible I have seen a few that wide in my searches but none with the color i want so far, but there are sooo many websites and I just didn't have enough time to look through them all.

I even went to Joanne Fabrics today hoping they might have some and low and behold they have never heard of it. I may have to stop by my fabric gal in town tomorrow and see if she can get any....wish me luck

Once i have that I think i'll start cuttin out the squares for the top and maybe get it going. If it comes out well I may look into making a quilt for my bed...that would be a big feat as I have a king size bed, but at least I could customize it to drap off the sides like i want my quilts to.

I will post a pic tomorrow of the fabrics i have so far for JJ's quilt top, I may use denim as the filler squares on it...I am not sure yet, i will see how many blocks i get out of the fabric I have so far.
Till tomorrow

A new look

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As most of you can tell I have been playing around with my blog look. Thanks to a very very good friend of mine, Jenn I have a new blog header and a sign off graphic. She was alwasy the more artistic of my friends growing up, I have known her since Kindergarten and through elementary school we were pretty much inseperable, its those types of friends you never want to lose! Plus I've gotten her addicted to the blogging scene. Check her out at http://www.thevillagepeddler.blogspot.com/.

I just wanted to pop on quick before i took the kids to school and update. Nothing new made yet, but I will be workin on some things later today. I will post more about it later.

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