Look YaYa and PaPa, I Passed

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That would be from my son Connor! Yep he had his official belt test in Karate tonight and passed! (see picture to the left) He is now officially a Jr. Gold Belt!

Then little brother also got 2 stripes on his white belt. 3 more stripes and he gets to test...(it will still be a while, but he's so psyched) (see picture to the right)

just a quick post :)

Thursday's Treat

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Well I thought I would give all my readers a treat today. I wanted to showcase some of the blogs that I follow. There were some great posts today!

Ceridwen over at WanderlustBling has a great post today about some wonderful splurge items she found on etsy. I especially liked this post, but I am biased because she featured my lap afghan in the post. She also featured three other etsy artists and their great work.

My friend EZ over at Kiss My Asana...a personal challenge posted a great video demonstrating the correct way to backward bending in yoga...definitely something to learn. She is a fantastic yoga instructor and student. I am amazed anytime i see her doing her poses. All I can say is WOW

Gayle over at Flamingo Junction has a weekly Earring Grab Bag giveaway and guess what...I WON this week!! I love checking in on her to see what she has created or what she's up to. Stop on by and keep track and maybe you too can win a pair of her great earrings.

Finally Eliza over at The Bear Bunch and her hubby always seem to have such funny and interesting posts. I love to see what comments they make on every day findings or occurrences and the story's about little Mikey Bear and too cute to pass up!

So stop on over to see some of my friends and what they are up to! Now I am off to make supper for my troop before they get back from Karate class. (yay for the day's Daddy makes it home to take them)

Happy Blogging!

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