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Well I figured I would jump on the band wagon with the Wednesday post. Right now we are workin on gettin up and around, the boys and I have been invited over to a friends house today to make cookies and do kiddie crafty things. We have to be there at 9am, as you can see JJ is ready to go, but Connor is dragging a little bit.

Samson got his haircut yesterday, he is such a handsome boy. He is doing much better, and is back to his old self. We have been doing very well with our medicine. i couldnt ask for a better dog, he sits there and lets me put the pill in the back of his mouth and he just swallows it, no issues at all. He got to go with me to pick the boys up yesterday and loved it.

I will be workin on the quilt i am making for Connor's Karate teacher when we get back today. I have two more hands to stitch and then I am just waiting for the rest of the names of the students as I know not everyone was there the two days i tried to get the hand outlines. Once i have the rest of the names I will stitch those on some muslin, then be cutting out the filler squares out of the cutest fabric i found yesterday. Once i have the measurements I will order the minky to put on the back. I have put a picture up of the hands I have done so far, once i have the top done I will post a picture of that too.

Well it's time for me to get ready now, so I will post more later.

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