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Well It's Family Friday again. Today the kids were out of school because of a teacher in service day. Well hubby only had a couple hrs of work to do today, so he came up to me this am and said, I can take Big Bit to work with me today if you want...I was like...YES!!! So Connor got to spend the day at Daddy's work, and having lunch at BK with 20 min of play time. It was a good day, JJ stayed home with mom, went to the shop up town and over to Hannah's to play, so they both had a fun day. Now we have had our pizza and they are settled down to watch Madagascar 2.
also today I am featuring another shop on Etsy.

I took a moment and asked Chic a few questions. (that's what we call her in the Etsy forums :) )

What made you want to open a shop on Etsy?Well, I started out selling on Ebay.. had never even heard of Etsy, then my sister in law told me about it and said I should give it a try. Well I will be honest, I was very reluctant to do so! When I got started I was terrified that someone would consider me "Crafty" or "Artsy" so I held off for a few months, then I decided to just go for it! I am so glad I did, I have made so many friends here and It has such a sense of community whereas Ebay is so cold and commercial! Now I am proud to be called Crafty and Artsy!

What is your favorite thing in your store and why? If you hadn't asked me that I could have told you! That is a very tough question, I love all of my creations! But honestly I would have to say that This one is my favorite:Emerald AB 2x Swarovski Necklace and Earring Set just love the colors, the way the change in the light and I just like the overall look of the set, the way the crystals cascade down the pendant and all, In my opinion it is one of my pretties pieces.

What keeps you going when things get slow?Local craft fairs, but to tell you the truth things have been pretty slow since I started selling my items, The bottom dropped out of the economy within 2 weeks of me opening my Ebay store so slow is kind of the norm for me, this last few months has been very exciting because things have started to pick up.

What advice would you give someone who is thinking of opening a shop on Etsy?I would tell them that before they even start setting up their store to set up an account and spend a LOT of time in the forums! I wish I had done so, I have only been visiting the forums for about a month now and the help and advise I have gotten there would have really helped me get the right start with my shop... As it was I went into this completely blind and I made just about every mistake possible!
What is the idea and creative inspiration behind your dog tag holders?Well my husband is in the Air Force for starters! I met him on AOL of all places and he lived in Hawaii and I Utah... long story short the first time he visited me he gave me his dog tags to wear and I've worn them ever since. I always hated the boring chain that comes with them, so one day I decided to go ahead and make something prettier for them to hang on. They are very popular at shows here in Colorado Springs because we have a very large military population and a lot of girls wear their spouse/boyfriend's dog tags because they are overseas serving right now.

So go on over and check her out. You may just find that special something for yourself or someone you know.
Have a great friday I probably won't post tomorrow but look for my SuperStar Sunday post as well.

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