Election Day.... Did You Vote?

Author: Miranda /

Well yep, I did, spent almost two hours inline to take 2 min and vote, boys went with me and all.

On another note, JJ's bday party was last sunday and it was a success, he got lots of toys and had a good group of kids show up to play and have fun and eat cake. I have put a couple of pictures up showing the cake, presents and of course the eating of the cake...the best part.

I also have a picture of the fabric i just receieved for JJ's quilt, it is the first of about 5 pieces that i ordered for it, now to just decide how to make his rag quilt, how many blocks i'll need, etc. I think that, thanks to a suggestion from my mom, that i will work denim into the quilt for him so it will be denim and super heros.

Well the kids have school off today so i think we are going to work on some cleaning, maybe i'll work on the christmas stockings that i am going to make, and maybe we'll play some games...if i can find my deck of cards i am going to teach connor and JJ how to play Go Fish. We might also go to Bowling green to the fabric store and the pet store, i need some batting and we need to get some more bedding for the guinea pigs.

that's about it for now...till next time Happy Quilting

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