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Well Saturday was Circus Day! And it was a grand day for sure. The boys were absolutely awe struck at the Circus, from the performing dogs, horsed, tigers, and elephants to the high wire acts, trapeze artists and the multiple other acts they crammed into 2 1/3 hrs. I believe the motorcycles in the steel cage was Connor's favorite. Besides the Cotton Candy and Funnel Cake of course.They had up to 7 in that spherical cage at once. Definitely a lot of talent at the Circus. Connor keeps saying the Circus...the greatest show on earth. Think we may have to make this a yearly tradition. We had good seats, there really isn't a bad seat at the Sommet Center.

The rest of the weekend was a relaxing weekend. Laundry, cooking, playing. I did get a little bit of crafting done. I have entered a valentine's contest on etsy forums. Each seller enters one item and then we all win something...a fun way to see more crafters and get something in return. You can find the thread here if you are interested..http://www.etsy.com/forums_thread.php?thread_id=6008581 Also if you just post on the thread you can win a cute set of bug crayons made by Elizabear, you can visit her store at http://www.elizabear.etsy.com/. Here is a picture of what I entered.

I am just finishing up a few things for my giveaway. I will be posting it later today. I am so excited and hope you all are too! Until later....happy crafting.

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