Samson Snores

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Yes as I sit here in my chair, my dog Samson is on the couch across the room with my husband and he is snoring, loudly. Brings to mind all those pictures you see where owners look like their dogs or vice versa. Well Samson sounds like Ryan or vice

Well we received more sleet, rain and even some snow today. So yes that meant another day off from school here in Tennessee and another day off for my hubby. We actually know that Ryan will be home tomorrow as well, they are expecting more bad weather up where he works at in Kentucky. As for our schools I think they will finally be back in session.

Didn't do much today, a load of laundry, some dishes, made a trip to Walmart for groceries and that was it. Spaghetti for supper and nice bath. I hope to get some stitcheries traced on muslin tomorrow and from there not sure. I have been leaning more towards crochet lately cause it is so relaxing and something that i can sit and do at night while we watch a movie or Connor sits and reads to me. (his version of the stories lol)

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