Yaya and Papa Visit

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Yaya and Papa got in yesterday and the boys were sooo excited! They are on their way back to Iowa and taking a break to stop over and see the boys and ryan and I. It's so nice when they stop by..the boys almost don't know what to do with themselves. And I get to send my quilts back with mom to get the quilted which is very exciting.

JJ had to show yaya and papa his guinea pigs and how well he can hold Alvin, I have a picture i posted of him holding on to Alvin. He is doing so well with it. Samson is once again all upset because the girls have invaded his house again, it really is pathetic to watch him around them. He might get used to them one of these days, but i doubt it.

I am hoping to get the material i got for the stockings and my christmas quilt ironed and cut out this weekend, I won't get the stockings sewn together till my Warm and Natural comes in, I found some on ebay at a great price, I can't believe how difficult it is to find on a 45 in bolt around here. Looks like ebay will become my friend for that. Actually ebay has helped me with christmas quite a bit this year, some great deals on the things the boy want for christmas.
Oh and another giveaway I have found from a wonderfully creative crafter named Sandy over at http://fortheloveofprims.blogspot.com/ you can see a pic of what she is giving away on my side bar. You have till Nov 15th to sign up so hop on over and see all her creative works.

That's about it, i'll post pics of my projects if i get them started, wish me luck.

Happy crafting and quilting!

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