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Well it was not a very eventful day, I did not sleep well at all last night, been having sinus issues so hubby suggested i try the MucinexD his doctor told him to use for his sinuses...needless to say i was awake every 20min and tossed and turned all night...no more of that stuff for me. I'm goin back to my sudafed pm at night and tylenol cold during the day. Just hope this doesn't turn into a sinus infection, my ears are already itching like crazy and are stuffy. So of course I go no sewing done...I did get dishes done and My mom and dad stopped at the Flying J just a few miles from us for their night on their haul back home and were here in time for us to go have supper with them...boy were the boys surprised and excited....now they can't wait for them to come for christmas next week.
Honestly neither can I, I always get so much more sewing and crafting done when I am with my mom, she inspires me and gives me hints i wouldn't think of.
But for tonight it's medicine time and hopefully a good night sleep.

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