Rain Rain Go Away

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As I sit here cuddled up on the couch with my 4 yr old, his spiderman toy, Scooby Doo look and find bood, the dog, his toy and the cat and watching Max and Ruby on nickelodean, I look out the window at another dreary, rainy, cold day and think of the song we used to sing when i was little "rain rain go away, come back another day" and think it's perfect for today. we are on day 3 of this ucky weather, of not being able to get fully warm, becuase its that damp cold that gets into your bones and is soo hard to get completely warm.

Ok so it may be the cold meds rambling there...lol I do feel a bit better today, i did at least sleep through the night last night. And feel the need to do some sewing today...once I get warm that is..teehee I need to come up with a present for Connor's teacher...not sure what i'm gonna do yet, but it will be homemade for sure. I also have to get the BBQ little smokies goin in the crockpot at lunchtime or so for Connor's christmas party at Karate class tonight...I honestly can't wait for Connor to be done with school..which is tomorrow...have a couple weeks to just hang out with the kids, no running here and there....or at least not as much..lol Making fun stuff at home, we have some bird houses that I think we are going to paint over the holiday break.

well I suppose i should get motivated....maybe... till later Everyone Stay Warm

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